Resin Driveway Cost Comparison in the UK

October 10, 2022

There are many reasons why you should consider installing a resin driveway. Apart from the fact that they look great, they are also very durable- sometimes even more durable than concrete. They also require very little maintenance and would not need periodic surface resealing since they hardly crack.

Resin driveways are also SUDS compliant owing to their complete permeability and porous surface which means that they don't collect puddles of rainwater and also saves you the headache of constructing a secondary drainage channel. They are also colour stable and won’t discolour over time as long as a UV stable resin is used.

Having stated these benefits, how much does resin driveway cost?

In the UK, the average cost of a resin driveway is around £2,400 for a 40m2 area (aggregate inclusive). However, the prices will differ as a result of various factors including type and quality of materials used, labour costs as well as the location of the driveway. With these in mind, we can say that the resin driveway cost in the UK ranges between £40 to £70 per m2, with an average of about £60.

Resin Driveway Cost UK

The resin driveway cost per m2 will usually vary depending on the area of the intended driveway. For a driveway of about 40m2 area, it would cost £60 per m2. Driveways with a size of 40m2 to 100m2 area would cost £50 per m2 but for resin driveways with size larger than 100m2, it’ll cost about £45 per m2.

Here is a table showing resin driveway costs for different resin driveway area;

Area (m2) Cost per m2 Total Cost
20 £60 £1,200
40 £60 £2,400
100 £50 £5,000
200 £50 £10,000
Factor Affecting Cost Of Resin Drive
  • Type Of Resin Driveway: Resin bound or Resin Bonded

There are two different types of resin driveway system;

  1. Resin Bound System
  2. Resin Bonded System

Resin Bound System: The resin bound driveway type involves a complete covering of the aggregate stones in polyurethane resin. The aggregates are mixed thoroughly with the resin and poured on a firm base and then compacted to form a smooth driveway surface.

The resin bound system is completely permeable and doesn’t allow puddles of water to form on the surface. Water is able to drain through and so drainage is not a problem. Also, since the stones and other aggregates are bound in the resin, there is no chance of them getting loose and falling off.

Resin bound driveways comes at an average cost of £40 per m2

Resin Bonded System: In the resin bonded system, a layer of resin poured on a sub-surface and then solids are then scattered and pressed into the layer so that all the resin is covered. Here, the stone is not completely bound since the stone is exposed on top of the resin, it can get loose over time.

The resin bonded surface is non-permeable and so not SUDS compliant. Puddles of water can form on the surface and so provision has to be made for a secondary drainage system.

Resin bonded systems are cheaper than the resin bound system and cost an average of about £26 per m2

You can use the following table as a resin driveway cost calculator for your project.

Area (m2) Cost per m2 Total Cost
20 £60 £1,200
40 £60 £2,400
100 £50 £5,000
200 £50 £10,000
  • UV-Stable vs Non-UV Stable

Your choice of resin can also go a long way to determine how much your resin driveway will cost you. On exposure to sunlight, Ultraviolet light (UV) can cause damage to the colour of some resin driveways. Therefore, is it recommended you choose UV-stable resin although it is more expensive.

Additionally, in terms of durability, UV-stable resin are more durable thanks to their flexibility which makes them less prone to cracks. On the other hand, non-UV stable resins are prone to brittleness even though they produce a hard and strong surface.

Typical Prices For The Kits For Both Type Of Resin, Excluding VAT.

Type Notes Price per 6.5kg kit
Non-UV stable resin Includes resin & hardener £38
UV Stable resin Two-part polyurethane kit £47
  • Location

Although costs of materials are almost the same across the country, your location will affect labour charges. For instance, labour costs can be more if the driveway is installed in a rural area due to costs of transporting materials to the location. The further the team of installers need to travel to complete the project, the more they will charge.

Additionally, if you decide to use imported materials or materials not easily found in the locality instead of indigenous ones, you will have to pay more.


Also, the cost of living around the area as well as the availability or non-availability of driveway installation companies in the area can be a factor that will affect overall driveway installation cost.

  • Driveway Size

Of course, the size of the driveway is very significant to the overall resin driveway installation cost. The larger the driveway, the more materials it will need and the longer the time needed to complete installation.

The table below shows the significant difference in cost between a small, one-car driveway and those holding four or more cars.

20m2, 1-car Resin-bound 3-5 days £1,200
Resin-bonded " £800
40m2, 2-cars Resin-bound 7-14 days £2,500
Resin-bonded " £1600
80m2, 4-cars Resin-bound 2-3 weeks £5,000
Resin-bonded " £3,100
100m2, More than 4-cars Resin-bound 3-4 weeks £10,000
Resin-bonded " £6,200
  • Current Driveway Condition

The condition of the intended driveway location will also affect the cost of installation. If the existing driveway is in bad shape and cannot hold a new driveway, then ground preparation will be needed. The amount of ground preparation needed will determine the additional costs to be incurred.

  • Driveway Depth

The depth of the driveway to be installed is also a key factor. Depth of driveway is mostly determined by the intended use of the driveway. A driveway which will be used for light traffic will not need as much depth as that which will be used for heavy traffic. The depth of the driveway will also determine the amount of ground preparation, sub-base material needed, the aggregate stones as well as the thickness of the resin. This will no doubt have an overall impact on the final installation cost.

As a rule of thumb, the thickness of the layer must be at least three times the largest aggregate diameter. This means that if the largest stone in the resin is 10mm in diameter, then the layer must be a minimum of 30mm thick.

  • Extra Drainage

If you choose to install a resin bonded driveway, you will need additional drainage to take care of surface water. This will incur more cost for you.

  • Driveway Layout

The complexity or simplicity of the new driveway layout is a key cost factor. For instance, a standard shaped rectangular driveway will cost considerably less than a more complex shape.

  • Choice of Aggregate

The aggregates to be used will also affect the final price of the resin driveway. Factors such as size of aggregates, colour, dimension, how rare it is or where it was sourced from can affect the overall installation cost.

  • Weather

Weather also has a say on the resin driveway cost. In the warmer summer months for instance, resin dries quicker and it will need to be laid quicker, which may mean more workers are brought in so that the job is completed in a timely manner. If that is the case, your labour costs will be sure to increase. On the other hand, it is not really ideal to fit a new driveway during the winter.

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