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Can You Jet Wash Resin Driveways?

March 29, 2023

Of course, you can. Jet washing is a proven and effective way to keep a resin surface looking clean and new. It is recommended that you jet wash your resin driveway seasonally because of the buildup of oils, dirt and other stains which can cause the driveway to lose its colour and beauty.

Can You Jet Wash Resin Driveways?

Maintaining Your Resin Driveway

When you install a resin driveway either a resin bound driveway, patio, pathway or carpark, it is of utmost important that you maintain it so that it remains in immaculate condition for a very long time. While resin driveways are known to be durable, poor maintenance practices can make them not last as long as they should. When your driveway is clean, it not only adds to the overall beauty of the property but also increases the value of your property.

Of course, you need a resin drive cleaner to clean a resin drive and there are different resin drive cleaner methods which include-
  • Sweeping to get rid of debris.
  • Hosing down
  • Using mild weed killer for weed removal
  • Warm water for brake fluids and engine oil/fuel
  • White spirit and emulsifier for tyre marks
  • Rock salt and plastic shovel for ice and frost removal
  • Anti-freeze spray for removal of sticky substances like gums on a resin surface.

However, we will be looking at driveway jet wash and if you can actually jet wash your resin driveway.

The importance of cleaning your resin driveway cannot be overemphasised. It doesn’t only guarantee that your driveway maintains its visual appeal and aesthetic charm, it also ensures that it is able to function adequately for years to come.

Oil surfaces when they build up on your driveway can make the surface slippery; accumulation of dirt and grime as a result of weather conditions as well as unchecked weeds can cause damage to the driveway surface. Hence, cleaning a resin driveway is very important.

How To Jet Wash Your Driveway?

Care must be taken while jet washing your driveway. Here are some helpful tips.

  • To jet wash your driveway, first you have to use a stiff broom to sweep away debris from the surface.
  • Care must be taken while jet washing so as not to damage the driveway surface. In fact this is why we recommend that the process be carried out by professionals to ensure best results.
  • Driveway jet wash is recommended to be done periodically- twice a year.
  • The best way to jet wash a driveway is to use a flat spraying nozzle as it improves accuracy when spraying your driveway.
  • The process of jetwash should be done in a sweeping motion (moving the jet washer back and forth).
  • Furthermore, the nozzle should not be too close to the driveway so as not to damage the resin surface. We recommend the nozzle being held at 20cm away from the resin surface.
  • In jet washing the driveway, water at room temperature is ideal. You may harm your driveway by using water that is too hot or too cold.
  • Again, the pressure rating should not be above 150 bar. Spraying your driveway with a pressure rating above this can weaken your drive over time.

Removing Weeds With A Jet Wash

Resin driveways are impervious to weed growth but sometimes, seedlings can be blown unto the surface meaning that some weeds can sprout up. A jet wash can remove weeds, its roots and other debris that encourage their growth away from the surface.

Since we encourage jet washing your driveway about twice a year, you do not really have to wait until when you jet wash the driveway to get rid of weeds. Regular sweeping with a stiff brush can remove the seedlings before they sprout as well as other debris that can encourage weed growth. Alternatively, you can use a mild weed killer to eliminate weeds from your driveway.

Removing Sticky Substances With A Jet Wash

We know how irritating it can be to have sticky substances like chewing gum on your driveway surface. Sometimes it can be really difficult to get rid of especially after it has hardened. Jet washing can help remove gums from your driveway if it is not yet hardened. But then, if it is and the jet wash fails to remove it, then you can use a freezing spray or a wall scraper to remove the gum. While doing this, ensure that you do not dig underneath the gum or use a sharp tool which can damage the driveway surface.

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