What Are The Disadvantages Of Resin Driveways?

August 09, 2022

Resin driveways have become a very popular choice for homeowners and real estate developers for adding class to an outdoor space. This is as a result of its many benefits which include durability, hardwearing, low maintenance requirement, ease of access and adaptability, colour stability, SUDS compliance, good value for money, unlimited design options, aesthetically pleasing, among others.

The most durable type of resin driveways are made via a resin bound system where the aggregate stones are properly mixed with a UV-stable polyurethane resin which is then poured onto an already prepared area and compacted to create a smooth, flat and level surface.

As a result of its surface finish and porosity, water puddles are not formed on the surface as water drains away naturally which is a SUDS compliant feature. This not only minimizes the risk of potholes but also saves you the stress and financial implications of building an auxiliary drainage channel.

In the case of a bonded resin driveway however, the stones are scattered on the surface of the mixed resin subbase.

However, there are some disadvantages with the resin driveway. Here are some of them.

Disadvantages Of Resin Driveways

It is Pricier

Unlike other options such the block paving, resin driveways can be more expensive especially due to the complexity of installation and choice of aggregate stone. Also, there is a need for an expert to install a resin driveway to get the best of your driveway. This leads to an increase in the overall cost of installation. Block paving on the other hand can be done without the need for an expert.

Not The Best For High Traffic Areas

Where there is heavy traffic or where the driveway will come under heavy usage, resin driveways are contraindicated. Although resin bound surfaces are durable and high wearing, high usage could lead to cracking which may be expensive to repair.

Growth Of Weeds And Moss

Although resin bound systems can be impervious to growth of weeds and moss, they can still thrive in such environments. It is even made worse when the installation was not properly done. Growth of weeds and moss on the surface makes the surface slippery especially where there is no regular cleaning.

Therefore, there is a need to maintain the surface regularly to ensure longevity.

Colour Fading

This is usually a problem when the aromatic resin is used during installation. That is why you need the right contractor to carry out your installation using a UV resistant resin which will not fade nor discolour even on exposure to the sun’s rays.

Why Reach us?

Resin bound systems despite these disadvantages still remain one of the best flooring systems available. The resin bound system can be used for the installation of resin patios, resin driveways as well as resin pathways.

Wherever you are in the UK, you can have our experienced installers come to you to give you the very best of resin bound installation with the best materials sourced from UK and Europe to give you a durable and high-quality finish that not only complements your existing structure but also suits your style.

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