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Resin pathways are a type of floor covering technique that consists of natural aggregates and resin. If you want a high quality, breathtaking surface that requires little or no maintenance, resin pathways are suitable alternatives.

Resin pathways

At YourResinDriveway, we give you a range of resin surfacing to suit your needs. It's only natural for your pathway to complement your property. Your driveway in your home can reflect your way of life and tell so much about your personality. Resin paths are adaptable for a broad range of surfacing, like footpaths, walkways, driveways, paths, patios, parks or gardens etc.

With us, you get access to durability not just a fashionable paving that wouldn't withstand the usual day to day activities or weather conditions. Our customized resin pathways can add an extra colour and elegance to your home or garden.

Additional Benefits Of Your Resin Pathway Customized Paths

So, why choose resin? We all know that the first thing people see is your driveway and you need to ensure it doesn't put people off. Transitioning from tarmac, block paving, concrete or gravel to a resin path can give your home look a positive first impression.

Due to its huge benefits they have become a popular choice for commercial properties and private homeowners.

If you are thinking of renovating your house with a resin pathway just take a look at the advantages below.

1. Eco Friendly And Unique Patterns.

Resin paths are environmentally friendly and they come with unique designs that suit your domestic or commercial needs.

2. Extra Hard Wearing.

Your pathways will last longer even with frequent use when installed by one of our accredited partners. One of the greatest things about resin paths is its durability. It can cope with thermal shock even in the most stressful situation.

3. Visually Appealing And Enhances The Beauty Of Your Home.

It enhances the overall appearance of your property. This is why most homeowners have opted for resin bound surface and paving. Whether you are thinking of laying a brand new resin pathway or upgrading an existing one, we will help you start and finish your project in no time.

4. Very Low Maintenance For Resin Bound Systems.

Resin bound pathways are very easy to maintain compared to other pathways solutions.

5. Pathways colours do not tarnish.

No discoloration after years of use. Other surfaces can wear out if not properly maintained, not with resin paths. If you are searching for a more flexible flooring system for your business premises, then resin paths can be your best option. It is a chemical resistant floor finish.

6. Faster laying and setting times depending on the size of the area.

Resin paths are easy to lay within a few days depending on the area you want to cover. We use high quality tested materials sourced from British suppliers with heat resistant and quality assurance tests. We work with your timeframe and can lay your resin driveways in Liverpool, Chester, Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester, and Cheshire. You have an option to choose your location across the UK.

7. No drainage issues and slip resistant finish.

Our resin drives are Sustainable Urban Drainage system [SUDs] compliant as it allows for proper water drainage. You do not need planning permission to lay them. It is a slip resistant type of flooring for the workplace.

8. Bike Friendly.

It is bike friendly and suitable for pushchairs and wheelchair due to its super smooth surface. A beautifully revamped driveway can create a lasting impression. Traditional driveways are not always wheelchair friendly and it is nearly impossible to cycle a bike over them.

9. Adds good monetary value to your property.

Your property Increases in value with an additional touch of resin paths. Property owners that want to sell in future will get more value for their money. Now how does a driveways add value to your property? Resins definitely increase the value of a property in so many ways.

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Our Resin Bound Pathways

Our resin bound path can be used for driveways, terraces, cycle paths, parks, bridges, patios, paths, car parks, towpaths, schools, concourses and more. As experts in resin pathways, our paving solution comes in various designs. This means you have a lot of options to choose from. The different unique textures can be used for school playgrounds, driveways, swimming pool area, resin patios, gardens, walkways and even resin balconies.

With resin bound paving, you have a natural drainage system that is totally permeable. You don't have to worry about frost damage with rain bound surfacing. Another reason to go for a permeable driveways for resin is the charming effect it will have in your property.

Resin bound pathways cannot be installed by just anyone. They are not the cheapest option for any driveway, so you need a specialist. They will use the right kind of resin for you that will be appropriate for your cars, traffic and big vehicles. Check out some of our present work here.

Our Resin Bonded Pathways

We can transform your old driveway with our Resin Bond surfacing. We are committed to making your home and commercial properties look great. Another beautiful alternative is our resin bonded pavings.

Resin bonded surfaces are suitable for your entrance to business premises or entrance to your home. Most homeowners choose to resin bond their entrances if it is sloppy because it has a rough textured finish. This finishing gives more grip for cars and people walking by because it is safer.

This is why it is mostly used in parking lots, walkways, commercial and public parks and places. However, resin bonded systems are not recommended for playgrounds to avoid causing injury to children due to its roughness. Other features include its natural appearance, slip protection, can fit into any outdoor designs, low maintenance, non porous, resilient and durable.

DIY Resin Garden Paths

There are various types of garden path flooring, so it can be difficult to make a choice. Homeowners can redefine their garden with resin paving instead of traditional block paving. Resin garden path cost also varies depending on the size of the area where your garden is located.

Resin garden path and other resin bound pathways can also be tricky to install. Although low maintenance pathways can be an easy DIY installation, you need a professional to create a strong lasting resin path. so it is advisable to get a professional to do the work for you. DIY resin path is not advisable for beginners.

When you use one of our technicians, high quality is guaranteed. It is not something you can lay yourself if you are looking to create your garden pathway using resin bound surfacing. Doing it yourself may end up costing you more money to hire a local professional if you get stuck.

Resin Path And Pathways Design Ideas

If you are thinking about investing in a new pathway or want to upgrade an existing one, resin paving is a great choice. How to make a resin path or making a resin path requires expertise. And there are several ways skilled technicians can craft your resin path kit. Most of the resin bound paths hardly need any maintenance.

To create a lasting resin path, the surface and the base must be suitable. There should be no cracking or damage in the surface. Construction areas should be free from water or pollution before the installation process.

Humidity needs to be tested, including the ground temperature. These surfaces are suitable for a Resin Bound base macadam, asphalt, concrete.

Some resin pathway design ideas include:
  • Combining resin bound pathway with pattern imprinted concrete for home garden.
  • Using other creative designs along resin paths. These designs can be created by laying art patterns alongside resin paths.
  • Using resin bound path for stairways. This can be a great idea due to its slip resistant feature.
  • Mixing resin with other textures to make a stunning design.
  • Installing even in tiny spaces.
  • Tidying up your front yard to make it more attractive by using resin bound paving.

How Much Do Resin Paths Cost?

How much is a resin path? Resin pathways prices vary across the UK. Whether you want to create a resin bound garden path, resin paths and drives the cost depends on some factors. The layout and size of the area, the colour of the aggregates stones to be used, another factor is UV stability or Non UV stable resin.

The cost of resin path also depends on whether or not you use edgings and the length of the installation process. The price can vary for both commercial and residential usage.

Here at YourResinDriveway, you get a free quote for your resin pathway cost with no obligations to you. Once given a full quote, there are no other charges because the price for our services are fixed. This means there is a zero hidden charge or extra cost.


Tips For Maintaining A Long Lasting Resin Pathway

Resin bound cleaning is easy, as one interesting future of this pathway is that it is easy to maintain. Sometimes if resin surfaces are not cleared from debris or leaves, stains may occur.

  • Limit Abnormal Heavy Duty Loads.
  • Avoid Placing Equipment With Sharp Edge On Surface.
  • Sweep Regularly.
  • Clear snow from driveway with a snow shovel during winter.
  • Avoid Dragging heavy Loads Across Resin bound pavings.
  • Avoid Tyre Marks On Surface
  • Remove any mineral stains.
  • Avoid Spilling Solvents, Although It Is Resistant To A Whole Lot Of Chemicals. Overtime When Spilled Solvent Can Damage The Resin Binder.
  • Regular Jet Cleaning And Vacuuming.
  • Remove moss from your resin bound driveway using a stiff broom, algae killer or any moss removal products.
  • Use herbicides for wind blown seed growth.
  • Clean grease and oil spillage.
  • Use planks to support heat loads on resin surfaces.

Resin Bond Cleaning & Maintenance

  • Remove excess loose stones using a mechanical sweeper.
  • Treat weed growth.
  • Use a surface protector.
  • Remove chewing gum from surfaces during routine maintenance by freezing.
  • Pressure washing during general cleaning.
  • In case of small damages, get damage repair kits.

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The best news is that we offer a ten-year insurance backed up guarantee on all our driveway installations. We are one of the UK’s Leading Installers of Resin Bound Driveways, Patios and Paths. Call us now 0808 273 7505 for your resin pathways needs.

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