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Transform that tired Driveway to a Resin driveway

Has your driveway become tired with loose stones all over the place? Do you seek an alternative with a fresh look and smooth finish? Resin coated driveways are definitely a go-to option.

Resin driveways are innovative driveways and paving solutions that have become so popular today. This is not just for their highly decorative and visual appeal but also because they are cost effective as they require low maintenance.

Here at YourResinDriveway, we take great pride in the standard and quality of work we deliver. Our technicians are highly skilled with years of experience in installing resin driveways in Liverpool. So if you are looking for the perfect driveway company to handle your driveway project - whether residential or commercial - look no further. We create your imagination and style!

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Why choose a resin driveway over other traditional driveways?

They are durable as much as they are stunning. In fact, a resin bound gravel driveway is said to be five times more solid than concrete driveways. This is because they are resistant to cracks due to the high-quality resin binder material used to hold the stones in place prior to laying.

Further, it literally costs nothing to maintain. Once installed, it only requires occasional sweeping or power washing to keep it looking slick and maintain the visual impact.

In addition, when it comes to installation, resin driveways in Liverpool can be installed onto new surfaces as well as existing surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, tarmac etc. This makes for a quick installation with less mess.

Our resin driveways service in Liverpool are not just eye-catching, they offer you durability, permeability and anti-slip surface that meets the requirements of sustainable urban drainage standards as required in the UK.

Are you in the Liverpool area? Feel free to contact us for all your resin paving and resin patio projects.

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What is FairTrades?

FairTrades is one of the pioneer trade associations in the Uk. This association has consistently provided protection for homeowners via its huge directory that lists the best vetted tradesmen in the home improvement industry.

Your best bet to enjoying an excellent service for resin driveway Liverpool is to engage a FairTrades member. Tradesmen under FairTrades are only accredited after being thoroughly vetted and undergoing a strict accreditation process. In addition, members are continually vetted to ensure that consumers are very well protected during, before and after their home improvement installation.

We are a FairTrades accredited company and you can rest assured that your rights are respected and protected as a customer. When you contract one of our trusted third-party resin bonded pathway installers, you will not have to worry about making the wrong investment as you are assured of getting value for your money.

And if for any reason you encounter any problem with your installation - which is rarely the case - we afford our customers a 10year insurance backed guarantee to cover such events.

To learn more about FairTrades and homeowners protection, kindly visit FairTrades official website


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Steven is a dedicated member of our team, a professional with years of experience installing resin driveways in Liverpool

“My passion for excellence is reflected in the quality of work I deliver and this is one compliment I get everytime.

When homeowners choose to improve the frontage of their property, the expectation is usually a style that reflects their personality in both practical and aesthetic respect. In addition to this, high quality is also expected and when installers fall short on standard, homeowners are left to deal with costly disappointments.

At YourResinDriveway, we operate to the highest standards when it comes to installing resin driveways in Liverpool. We follow the specifications laid out by manufacturer’s strictly to ensure that every installation is fit for the purpose intended. We do not cut corners. We source and work with the best quality materials and you can rest assured of getting your money's worth.

Our team is well experienced and competent. Whatever your need may be, we will make sure to deliver a bespoke resin driveway tailored to your needs and style. Whether its a one color driveway or multicolored, your driveway will wear a completely outstanding look at the end of the day.

When you contact us, we will schedule a date for a survey. After the survey, we will advise you on the best approach to installation and also come up with a comprehensive quote for you - free of charge.

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Your Questions Answered

We know you have questions regarding installation of resin driveways Liverpool. We will try to provide answers to some of them in this section. Alternatively, you can feel free to contact us with more personalized queries.

What is the cost of a resin driveway?

We get asked this question most of the time and the simple answer is - the cost of resin varies based upon a number of factors. Let's try to make this clearer;

No two client requirements are the same. And we determine the cost of job based on:

  • The size of the space to be covered
  • The existing base upon which your new driveway is to be laid
  • The preparation required. For example if excavation is necessary to get your new driveway laid to resin manufacturer’s specifications
  • The type resin bound stone
  • The purpose for which you intend to use the space over the next decade
This is why we offer clients a free survey and comprehensive custom-tailored free quote. Feel free to ask for one today!

How long will my new resin driveway last?

Well they say nothing lasts forever, but we can tell you confidently that with resin driveways, forever means 15-20years without worries. This average life expectancy has been confirmed by manufacturers who have done extensive testing on their products. More so, we offer a 10 year guarantee on our service as we are confident of the quality of service we deliver.

What guarantee do you offer?

It is distressing to pay for quality and end up being served inferior. Our outstanding design technology and advanced resin bound system do not compromise quality and you can trust that our proposed mix is fit for the purpose intended - irrespective of the usage, from pedestrian to vehicular. To pass this confidence onto our customers, we offer a 10 year insurance backed guarantee on all our driveway installations in Liverpool. We are no small player in the industry and employ only the best hands to take care of your resin driveway needs in Liverpool.

Do I need planning permission for resin driveways in Liverpool?

No, for our resin bound surfacing, you will not need planning permission. Whether you want a basic overlay on an existing driveway or a completely new driveway replacement or path of any size. Our resin driveways Liverpool are Sustainable Urban Drainage system [SUDs] compliant - having a porous surface combined with a porous sub-base that allows for proper water drainage.

Do you do other kind of installations?

YES we are open to any kind of installation, as per client requirements. For example, the ideal driveway space a client needs may require resin steps, walls, drainages and other integrations.

How long does it take before we use our driveway?

We advise that your new surface be left for 6-12 hours before being walked on. However for vehicular movement, you would have to wait for 24 hours.

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