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Resin Bound Driveways London

Resin bound driveways refer to driveways made by mixing natural aggregate stones to a resin sub base which is then compacted together to form a smooth, multiple-layer surface that is very durable.

Unlike the resin bonded system, the stones are not scattered on the surface. The implication of mixing the natural stones and the resin to create a smooth finish is that the surface is not only uniform but also flexible to resist cracks and also permeable to allow for water runoff through the surface. This increases the lifespan of the driveway.

In London Resin bound driveways are also more aesthetically pleasing when compared to other surface types. They can also be installed on existing driveway surfaces.

Why Choose in London Resin Driveway Surfacing

There are many reasons why you should choose a resin bound surface for your driveways, paths and patio. These reasons are making resin bound surfacing a popular choice.

These qualities include;

Durability: While concrete driveways have a shelf life and will always need to be replaced, resin bound driveways are more durable and can last over 25years.

They are known for their high strength which makes them very reliable. Resin bound systems are also colour stable and are able to maintain their colour without fading over a long period of exposure to sunlight.

Little Or No Maintenance: With resin bound driveways, you save a whole lot when it comes to maintenance requirements.

While concrete driveways will need sealing due to cracks from time to time, resin bound surfaces need only minimal cleaning to get rid of any weeds or mosses and keep the surface as immaculate as ever.

Easy and Quick Installation: Unlike other driveways which cannot be installed quickly or even installed as a DIY project, you can install an average sized resin bound driveway all by yourself. You do not need to be an expert to do so. Our resin driveways in London professionals can guide you with a few pointers and also a demonstration video.

However, for the best finish, we recommend you allow experienced professionals to do the installation for you. An average sized resin driveway can be installed within 1-2 days and can be walked upon after 6hours. Cars can begin to use the driveway after 24hours.

Crack resistant: This is one quality that sets resin bound systems apart. They are flexible and so are resistant to cracks unlike the rigid concrete or block-paved driveway.

This means that with a resin bound driveway, you have no need for periodic surface sealing which is an additional expense.

Visual Appeal: it is certainly without doubt that the aesthetic value of resin bound systems far outweighs its other counterparts. Not only that, you can give countless variations and customizations to your project even as our resin driveways experts in London will guarantee you a high-quality finish.

SUDS Compliant And Permeability

Resin patios like every other resin bound system are faster and easier to install than other flooring ideas such as paving or decking. Your patio can be laid within a day and ready for use after a few hours.

Durability And Hard Wearing

SUDS stands for Sustainable Urban Drainage System and resin bound driveways are SUDS compliant thanks to their fully permeable surface which allows water to drain off easily.

With a resin bound surface, you do not have to worry about puddles of water on the surface of your driveway.

However, with other driveway choices, you will need to construct a supplementary drainage channel and for that you will need a UK planning permission. This headache is eliminated with resin bound driveways.

Resin Driveway Cost in London

The cost of your resin driveway in London is not fixed but will vary depending on various factors but you can be rest assured that we will give you the most reasonable quote while not compromising quality.

The cost of your resin driveway will be determined by the following;

  • Your location
  • Size of the driveway
  • The layout & shape of installation area
  • UV or Non-UV stable resin requirements
  • Repair and cleaning time
  • Logistics required. E.g. if there is need for land excavation or not
  • Edging requirement
  • Choice Of Resin Bound Aggregate And Design
  • The Weather & Time Of Year Of The Installation
  • Purpose Of The Driveway

Fairtrade Accredited Member

Fairtrades is a topmost, reliable trade association in the UK, dedicated to providing protection for homeowners via strategically designed vetting processes for tradesmen, publishing a huge directory of only the best tradesmen in the home improvement industry.

We are a Fairtrades accredited company and you can trust us for all your resin driveway in London needs. As you sign up a contract with us, you can rest assured of working with the absolute best hands in the industry.

All our driveway technicians in London have been thoroughly vetted and are continually vetted throughout the installation process to ensure that you are very well protected.

If you’d like to learn more about FairTrades and homeowners protection, kindly visit the official website

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Why Choose YourResinDriveway in London

When it comes to installation of quality driveways, we are one of UK'S finest companies with over 30years of experience. Our resin driveways experts London in have installed driveways of different types, patterns and customizations for clients in different towns including- Waddon, Welling, Tottenham, Thames, Sutton, Sudbury, St James, Sundridge, Roxeth, Ratcliff, Queensbury, North Wembley, Kenley, Loxford, Hayes, Harrow, Eden Park, Edmonton, Downham, Crayford. Cowley, Charlton, Brentford, Blackwall, Barnes, Barnet, Alperton, Addington, among others.

We can supply and install excellent resin-bound driveways in London – for residential and commercial environments.

  • Our resin bound systems are easily installed and according to driveway standards.
  • They are durable, hardwearing, weed resistant and require low maintenance.
  • There are no loose materials or stones as our resin bound surfaces are smooth and consistent.
  • They come in various styles, feels, patterns and can be customized to your needs including the addition of logos and other motifs according to what you want
  • Our resin bound driveways are colour stable and fully SUDS compliant (water permeable)
  • They are also Fall and slip-resistant.

You can be sure that our resin bound driveways London experts are thoroughly trained and highly skilled. You can expect nothing but the best from us. We also make use of high-quality materials from a wide variety of visual styles so that you can have a driveway that truly matches your style.

We also ensure extensive safety standards and testing with every installation we carry out.

We source our materials from the best places in the UK and Europe. One of our most important materials is the Stonex Resin Bound material which is both visually appealing and resilient. It comes in various patterns, and colours to suit a wide range of residential and commercial needs.

The Stonex resin can also be installed on existing driveways or subbases such as tarmac, asphalt and concrete. We also make use of our UV resistant binder to ensure that your resin driveway maintains its color throughout its entire lifespan even on exposure to sunlight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have provided answers to some frequently asked questions. Alternatively, you can contact us with more personalized queries.

How much does it cost to install a resin driveway in London?

Typically, in london resin driveway cost ranges between £40 to £70 per m2, with an average of about £50. However, the cost of installing a resin driveway is subject to a lot of factors ranging from the size of the driveway, existing base upon which your new resin driveway is to be laid, type of resin finish, amongst other customized specifications.

Need a free survey and custom-tailored free quote? Feel free to ask for one today!

What guarantee do you offer in London?

If you choose to work with us, we offer a 10 year insurance backed guarantee on all our driveway installations in London.

Do I need planning permission for resin driveways in London?

No you do not. Resin driveways are Sustainable Urban Drainage system [SUDs] compliant. What this means is that they have a porous surface combined with a porous sub-base that allows for proper water drainage. Laws binding permit these kinds of driveways to be laid without planning permission.

Do weeds grow through resin driveways in London?

No. If installed correctly by professional hands, resin driveways in London are weed resistant. They do not permit weed or moss growth.

How long should you wait after installation in London?

Probably one of the most frequently asked questions on resin driveways in London. After installation, the standard is that your new surface be left for 6-12 hours before being walked on. For vehicular movement on the other hand, it is mostly advised you wait for 24 hours.

What maintenance does a resin driveway in London need?

Resin driveways in London require low maintenance. Simply brushing and washing your resin-bound surfacing can keep it in good shape. But can you jet wash resin driveways in London? Yes you can also jet wash a resin driveway surface in London.

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