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The first thing people see when they arrive at your property is your driveway. To a large extent, it defines your style and personality to your visitors before they walk through your front door. If your driveway has become tired and less attractive, you can add shape, style and design by installing resin bound surfacing.

Resin coated driveways are visually appealing, stylish and long lasting surfacing solutions. They have become very popular and are a preferred option amongst homeowners - and even businesses - as they require low cost maintenance.

Whether you are looking to create additional car parking space, extend your driveway or give it a total makeover, resin paving afford you the flexibility of integrating designs that complement your overall structure.

At Your Resin Driveway, we handle all aspects of your driveway installation project. We use our own equipment and expert contractors who are highly skilled with years of experience in installing resin driveways Chester. You can rest assured that your job is not contracted to any other person.


Benefits of Resin Driveways

Permeable Resin driveways are a more durable option than other paving/ driveway surfacing such as concrete. Usually, concrete and tarmac installations begin to wear and crack or lose their shine/visual appeal in only a few years, whereas resin bound gravel driveways when mixed to specification with high-quality resin binder are resistant to cracks.

Additionally, they are said to have a life expectancy of 15-20 years which is about 5 times that of other traditional driveways.

Whether it is resin bonded pathways or resin bound walkways, they are very easy to maintain and do not require periodic cleaning. You can sweep or power wash occasionally to maintain its look. In addition to low-cost maintenance, resin driveways are in line with the SUDs standard - they are permeable, which helps to alleviate potential problems of flooding.

Resin driveways are very easy to maintain and do not require periodic cleaning. You can sweep or power wash occasionally to maintain its look. In addition to low cost maintenance, resin driveways are in line with the SUDs standard - they are permeable, which helps to alleviate potential problems of flooding.

Furthermore, when it comes to installation, resin driveways can be installed onto new surfaces as well as existing surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, tarmac etc. We will provide you with expert advice on the best approach to installation.

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What are the benefits of working with a FairTrades accredited company like us?

FairTrades is a renowned Trade association with the goal of connecting homeowners to the highest standards in home improvement.

Tradesmen under FairTrades only get accredited, having gone through an extensive vetting process. All members of FairTrades are committed to respecting homeowner's privacy and apply all necessary measures to ensure the security of their home and a safe working environment - ultimately ensuring that consumers are well protected before, during and after installation.

When you work with a FairTrades accredited company like us for your resin driveways in Chester, you will be at peace knowing that your investment could never go wrong. All work is started and completed to the highest possible standard - and on the agreed dates. As required by the FairTrades members charter, we comply with all laws, statutory regulations and building Regulations. Furthermore, you can be sure that all work will be completed to the predefined specification and budget as agreed upon in the initial contract.

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When we issue you a quote for your resin driveway Chester, expect it to be custom fit to your specification, with fixed prices and no hidden additional costs.

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DAVID, one of our expert technicians brings years of experience installing resin driveways in Chester area

"I have been installing resin driveways in Chester for over a decade and I have worked with several customers with different needs yet one thing was common amongst them - the need for a durable and long lasting installation.

If your driveway installation is handled by incompetent hands, manufacturer's specification is most likely to be disregarded, resulting in a driveway that is at best below substandard of what is expected.

At Your Resin Driveway, professionalism and expertise is visible in every work we put out. Irrespective of how complex your design is, whether you may need to integrate resin steps with a blend of colours, you can count on us to deliver.

Choose from our catalogue of over 30 different stones and colours to create your own bespoke resin driveway Chester. If you want to be sure of the cost implications contact us today for a free survey and quote.

Your Questions Answered

Here we have provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from clients looking to install resin driveways Chester. For more personalized questions, feel free to contact us

Can I install resin driveways over tarmac?

Yes, tarmac is by far one of the most suitable bases for resin to be installed on.  If you have any existing tarmac base, we will come to your property and survey it and assess the quality of the tarmac in place to ensure that it is suitable before carrying out any installation.

Why should I choose your service?

We are experts at what we do and we operate to the highest standards in the industry. Our materials are high quality and tested and we offer you a 10year guarantee on every resin driveway Chester installation.

Are resin driveways expensive?

The cost of resin driveways Chester varies depending on the nature, size and factors impacting the project.
For example, when there is an existing suitable base such as concrete, resin driveways can be relatively cheap to install as they can simply be laid over the existing base. At other times when the existing base is not suitable, excavation may be required and this may impact the overall cost of installation. 
Generally, if you consider all the benefits of resin surfacing including their lifetime expectancy, it is still a better choice than most paving solutions. Due to their natural aggregate composition, they do not fade and if properly installed.
We can provide you an appropriate costing for your resin driveway installation. Contact us today for a free survey and quote. We will come to you, discuss your requirements and give you a breakdown of the total costs involved.

Is planning permission required for installing resin driveways Chester?

No it is not. Any surfacing solution that is permeable to water and compliant with Sustainable Urban Drainage system [SUDs] standard does not require planning permission.

Are Resin Driveways slippery?

No, resin driveways are anti-slip. During resin driveways installations, a slip resistant additive is usually casted over the topcoat of the resin bond before it is fully cured.

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