Resin Driveway Costs & Prices Comparison Guide in the UK

The resin driveway cost per m2 varies as a result of several factors that come into play. Looking at the proposed area of the driveway, resin driveway cost £60 per m2 for a driveway of about 40m2, £50 per m2 for a 100m2 while driveways larger than 100m2 will cost about £45 per m2.

In this article, we will review what Resin Driveways are and the several factors that affect the cost of a driveway. We would also explore resin cost per kg (depending on the type of resin you choose for your project) and other factors that affect resin drive cost, resin pathway cost and cost of a driveway in the UK.

It is important to note that, with increasing driveway area, resin driveway cost per m² reduces. For instance, while a 40m² driveway will cost about £60 per m², a 100 square metre resin driveway costs about £50 per m² while driveways larger than 100m² will cost about £45 per m².

Resin Driveway Cost

Resin For Driveways

Resin driveways are driveways created with a resin bound system which involves mixing aggregates with a clear UV-stable polyurethane resin. This mixture is then poured onto the already prepared site with the hardcore in place. It is then compacted and smoothened to make it level.

Want To Know About Types of Resin Driveway

Resin driveways are of two types;

  • Resin Bound Driveway: The resin bound driveway is the most common type of resin driveway used in the UK. It involves the mixing of aggregate stones in polyurethane resin. These solid aggregates come in various types and the mixture is laid on a firm sub-base while the surface is levelled and given a smooth finish.

    The resin bound driveway is SUDS compliant as it allows rain water to drain through it to the water table such that standing water and puddles do not form.

  • Resin Bonded Driveway: The resin bonded driveway type characterizes a layer of resin laid on a sub-surface onto which aggregates are scattered and pressed into covering all the resin. With the stone exposed and the resin under, there is every possibility that it will work loose. The layer is not permeable and so water does not drain through. It is also only a single stone layer thick.

    Resin bonded driveways, though cheaper than the driveways, are still not as popular.

    One reason for this is because planning permission has to be obtained according to UK planning regulations before installing a resin bonded driveway because of its non-permeable surface which requires a special drainage channel to get rid of rain water.

How much does a Resin driveway cost?

A Summary of Resin Driveway Price contrasting the normal resin overlay only and resin overlay including groundworks and site preparation is tabulated below;

Category Little or No Groundworks Required Extensive Groundworks Required
UK Average £60 / m² £110 / m²
Typical Range £45 / m² - £65 / m² £100 - £125 / m²
Low End - High End £40 / m² - £75 / m² £95 / m² - £170 / m²

In the UK, a 40m2 resin driveway will cost around £2,400. This includes the cost of materials, labour and other logistics. However, this is not fixed and varies especially according to the quality of materials used and the location of the project.

Several factors play a role in affecting the resin driveway cost. It is safe to say that the average resin driveway cost of a resin driveway is between £40 – £75 m² as long as there are no additional groundworks to be done before laying the resin surface.

Where some excavation and other ground preparation works need to be done, the average cost per m2 could range between £100 – £130. For more extensive works leading to more wastes to be discarded, you may have to pay as high as £170 per m². In more extreme situations or difficulty in accessing the site or difficulty with the type of soil and excavating, you may pay even more.

The table below shows the total average resin driveway cost for selected driveway areas.

Area (M2) Cost per M2 Total Cost
20 £60 £1,200
40 £60 £2,400
100 £50 £5,000
200 £50 £10,000

What factors can affect the cost of your new resin driveway?

The resin system used in the driveway installation affects the overall resin driveway cost. In the resin bonded system, the resin is spread across a subbase and thereafter aggregate mixes are scattered into the resin. With the stones on the surface and exposed, some will remain loose and fall over time. However, in the resin bound system, the aggregate is mixed into the resin and compacted, meaning there is no room for loose gravel and then spread on a sub base and smoothened.

Resin bonded driveway is cheaper than the resin bound paving but it is more prone to wearing, cracking and peeling off over time since the stones are just stuck to the surface. The resin bonded system is not porous which means water cannot permeate through and needs additional drainage works to avoid standing water.

The resin bonded driveway cost per square metre is about £26 per m2 while resin bound driveway cost £40 per m2.

Condition Of Existing Driveway

If there is an existing driveway in good condition, it will reduce the overall cost of the project as the existing driveway can be used as a base. Your installer will inspect the condition of the driveway and take into account any form of repairs, levelling, preparatory works that needs to be done before installing a resin overlay.

The existing driveway may be a tarmac driveway, concrete driveway, block paved area or a grassed area; these will have an impact on the total cost as they require different amounts of preparatory work.

For instance, a stoned or grassed area will need to be excavated then a compacted sub base installed before the installation of the resin surface. Usually, the cost of these preparatory works far exceeds the cost of the main installation. In fact, generally speaking, the cost of installing resin onto a base in good condition and requiring no groundworks is about half the cost of installing onto a base that needs excavation and ground repairs.

Our qualified installers are able to inspect your existing driveway and advise you appropriately if work that needs to be done or not before installing your driveway.

Choice Of Resin Bound Aggregate And Design

The type of stones you choose for your work will determine the resin driveway cost. There are different types of aggregates and they have different prices. The cost of the aggregate stones depends on its availability and ease of sourcing, size, and colour. Generally, brighter aggregate shades are more expensive than the dull ones.

Additionally, your choice of design will also affect the cost as several colours and aggregate sizes may need to be blended to get the desired design and texture.

You may also choose a number of colours that you will combine into design patterns. This requires a great deal of skill, craft and time to get right and therefore costs more.

Resin Driveway Cost UK

Depth Of The Resin Bound Driveway

The depth of the resin driveway is also important in determining the cost of the resin driveway. It also has a relationship with the size of the aggregate used. Aggregates come in 1-2mm sizes all the way to a 10mm aggregate size. As a rule, the depth must be 3 times the largest aggregate size. That is to say, the depth of a driveway installed with a 2-5mm aggregate should be 15mm. Similarly, a 10mm aggregate will be installed at a 30mm depth.

The BBA (British Board of Agrément) recommends a minimum depth of 18mm for all driveways. A product certified by the BBA is a mark of safety, symbol of quality and indicates that the product is fit for use.

Size Of The Area

The size of the area for the driveway installation obviously has an impact on the overall cost of the project. The resin driveway cost per square metre reduces as the area increases and conversely, as the area reduces the rate will increase. This is because some areas of the driveway installation are fixed for example cost of fuel getting to and from the site.

Edging Requirements

The resin driveway needs edging which acts as a restraint so that loose stones don’t come apart and to give the driveway a neat and high-quality finish. Where there is no edging, your installer will need to install one.

The edging type will impact on the resin driveway cost as some edging designs are more expensive than the others; edging options include; sets and beading, bricks, paving slabs, timber, wall or aluminum edging.

The Weather & Time Of Year Of The Installation

Rain does not mix well with resin and needs to be completed in dry weather. Weather during the rainy season and winter months adversely affects the installation of resin surfaces. This may lead to delays in finishing the work or your contractor may need to build a contingency so that the driveway can be installed.

The Geographic Location Of The Resin Driveway

Where you live in the UK will determine how much your driveway will cost you. For instance, costs of living are higher in the southern region especially in London. Similarly, transport costs, labour wages and other logistics will vary with each project according to the location.

Purpose Of The Driveway

Usually, most resin driveways are installed at a 15mm depth; this is same for sidewalks and patios but where the driveway is meant to carry heavy duty vehicles and weights above 7.5tonnes, the driveway should be installed at a depth of 18mm. An increase in the depth of the resin means more materials will be used which will mean increase in cost.

The Quality Of The Resin

There are different types of resin in the market used for driveways. The two main types of resin- the UV stable polyurethane resin and the non-UV stable polyurethane resin. Furthermore, the quality of resin can vary from one manufacturer to another.

While Non-UV resistant resins are cheaper than the UV resistant resins, they discolour on exposure to sunlight and results in unevenness in the resin shade and colour. They also turn yellow over time. An example of this is evident when an area of the driveway stays underneath a car or protected from sunlight, that area changes in colour from other areas constantly exposed to sunlight.

Unless you are not concerned about a change in colour or you use a yellow or golden stone, then you can go with the non-UV stable resin type. However, we strongly recommend that only UV resistant resins be used for outdoor Resin Bound surfaces.

Below is a table showing the average cost for a UV stable resin overlay laid at a depth of 15mm:

Area (m2) Price (per m2)
0-40 £60
40-100 £50
Over 100 £45

The prices for both type of resin per 6.5kg excluding VAT is tabulated below;

Type Notes Price per 6.5kg kit
Non-UV resistant resin Includes the resin & hardener £38
UV resistant resin Two-part polyurethane kit £47

The non-UV stable resin is more susceptible to crack than the UV stable resin because it does not have the flexibility the UVR resin has within its structure.

Additionally, the UVR resin is more resistant to extreme weather conditions and so can adapt to high and low temperature changes with minimal risk of harmful effects occurring.

The Non-UV stable resin costs about £5 per kg while the UV stable resin costs £10 per kg. Although this may seem small a price difference, the price difference becomes huge when you require to buy a large quantity of resin.

Resin Driveway Cost From an Installers Perspective (Break Down of Your Quote)

Preparation Work Costs

This refers to the amount of groundwork that needs to be done before the installation of the resin driveway. If the existing surface requires little or no work, then the cost is reduced. On the other hand, where the existing surface or driveway is in poor condition and needs ground preparation works such as extensive excavation, installing a stone base, an asphalt structural base, edge installation, then the total resin driveway cost will increase.

There will be an increase in materials needed, labour will increase which undoubtedly will affect the overall cost of the project.

Material Costs

The materials to be used for the resin driveway have varying costs. For instance, the cost of a UV Resistant resin is higher than the Non-UV resistant. Also, the aggregate stone sizes to be used has an effect on the cost and the cost could even be higher if it contains aggregate of several mixes depending on the intended design of the driveway.

Below is a breakdown of some resin driveway materials and their cost.

Materials Cost
Aggregate £8-£20 per 25kg bag
Bound Resin £40-£60 per 7.5kg tub
Bonded Resin £140-£170 per 31kg kit
Resin Primer £30-£40 per 7kg tin
Anti-slip crushed glass £10-£15 per 5kg bag
Sand £4-£8 per 25kg bag

Labour Costs

Labour costs will no doubt have an effect on the total cost of the resin driveway project. The number of days a driveway project will take will depend on the size of the proposed driveway area, the nature and location of the site and the amount of work to be done. A resin driveway of average size may require an installer and about 4 members of staff to get the work done.

Under normal conditions, a small resin driveway of 20m2 will take about 1-2days, a 50m2 driveway will take 2-3days while a 100m2 driveway will take about 4-5days to complete.

Daily Labour rates can range from £100 to £200 depending on how skilled the craftsmen are.

Small driveway 20 m² £40 £150-£250 £950-£1,300
Medium driveway 50m² £40 £150-£250 £2,150-£2,500
Large driveway 100m² £40 £150-£250 £4,150-£4,500

Additional Costs

Factors such as cost of delivering the materials, fuel and distance travelled to deliver the materials, waste disposal as well as lodging for installers if they are unable to return as a result of distance also contribute to the overall resin driveway cost.

Furthermore, you may want to take care of other exterior areas of your home to complement the newly installed driveway. They are not necessarily part of the actual resin driveway installation but they can be budgeted for while planning to install a driveway. They also make the property more aesthetically appealing to the homeowner and even potential buyers if you are looking to add the value to the house and sell it.

Such works include:

  • Cleaning, jet washing or painting the exterior of the property
  • Changing an old front door
  • Repairing or replacing an old gate or fence
  • Repairing or rebuilding the garden wall or creating a new one
  • Addition of security gadgets to the property such as garden lights, security lights, driveway lights and CCTV
  • Landscaping and addition of other features such as drainage channel or artificial grass
how much is a resin driveway

Choosing Quality Resin Driveway Installers

One important factor towards installing quality resin driveway is to choose professional driveway installers. It is important that you check that the installers you choose have the required qualifications, memberships and insurances.

Resin drive specialists do not have any professional association yet but there are other organizations which are similar and if they belong to these organizations, it shows that the company maintains national standards of operation such as ISO9001 quality management system.

Some of these associations include:
  • The Resin Flooring Association.
  • The Guild of Master Craftsmen.
  • The Federation of Master Builders.

Although belonging to these organizations does not guarantee a perfectly installed resin driveway, the possibility of getting a professional job is very high.

Reputable companies will also offer a guarantee so that you can be reassured against

  • Loose stone and cracking.
  • Oil and petrol damage.
  • Discoloration and UV degradation.
  • Damage due extreme temperatures (frost and heat).

Usually, a resin driveway company should charge between £40 and £80 per m2 depending on the specifications. So, we advise you to be wary of the company if your quotation is too far from this range.

It is recommended that you get at least three quotes for the same specifications so that you can compare the quotes and save up to 37%.

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Resin Driveway Cost Vs Block Paving

Comparing the cost of a resin driveway and a block paving driveway, in the UK, a 40m2 resin driveway will cost an average of £2,400 but a block paving driveway of about 40 m² will cost about £3,000 to £3,500.

Generally, the average cost of a resin driveway is between £40 – £75 m² as long as there is no additional ground preparation and excavation to be done before laying the resin surface.

Where excavation and other groundworks needs to be done, the average cost per m2 will be around £100 – £130 and could go as high as £170 per m² for more extensive ground works.

For Block paving on the other hand, the average cost of a block paving driveway per m² is between £20-£105. This is as a result of the type of material used.

Concrete the cheapest block paving brick costs around £20 - £60 per m², Clay blocks cost around £70 - £100 per m² while Natural stone sourced from quarries and mines is the most expensive block paving brick and costs between £50 - £105 per m².

Resin Driveway Average Cost

Area (M2) Cost per M2 Total Cost
20 £60 £1,200
40 £60 £2,400
100 £50 £5,000
200 £50 £10,000

Block Paving Average Cost

Small Clay £2,800 - £4,500
Small Concrete £1,800 - £2,900
Small Natural stone £2,000 - £4,700
Medium Clay £4,900 - £7,500
Medium Concrete £2,400 - £4,700
Medium Natural stone £3,500 - £7,850
Large Clay £7,000 - £10,500
Large Concrete £3,000 - £6,500
Large Natural stone £5,000 - £11,000


Is A Resin Driveway Expensive?

Generally, installing a resin driveway UK may be relatively more expensive than other flooring options such as concrete driveway, blocking paving and gravel. However, the advantage of a resin driveway is that they require little or no maintenance and are more durable than other flooring systems.

They can also be installed onto an existing driveway irrespective of the shape of the driveway. Additionally, installing a resin bound driveway doesn’t need planning permission like other flooring systems since it is SUDS compliant.

So, in a nutshell, it is a good choice and actually very economical as it gives good value for money.

Is Resin Cheaper Than Tarmac?

Resin and Tarmac do not have much difference in their average cost per m2 and so can be said to be comparable. However, Resin has the advantage over Tarmac as it can be installed onto existing surfaces without need for extensive groundworks which is usually required when installing a tarmac driveway which ultimately increases the cost.

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