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Resin Vs Tarmac Driveway - Which One Is Better For You?

March 09, 2023
How To Lay a Resin Driveways?

Both Tarmac and Resin are very common driveway installation options for years now. They both have their areas of strength and weaknesses. In this guide we can help you decide which one is a better choice for your next driveway project.

Tarmac has been known to be durable and solid being an ideal material for construction of high traffic driveways and commercial car parks. On the other hand, we have resin driveways which are gaining widespread recognition because of its durability, visual appeal, flexible seamless surface and surface permeability.

What are Resin Driveways?

Resin driveways are subdivided into resin bound driveways and resin bonded driveways. Resin bound driveways are installed by mixing the resin and aggregate stones together and then pouring the mixture on a suitable base. Contrastingly, in the resin bonded type, a layer of resin is first poured onto a strong base and then aggregate stones are scattered onto it.

The resin bound option is permeable, with a flexible, crack resistant smooth surface. The resin bonded does not have a smooth porous surface but rather a textured surface.

However, both are low maintenance options, long lasting, visually appealing and easy to install. They equally give good value for money saving you resources which would have been used to carry out repairs.

Several benefits of installing a resin drive include;

  • They are very durable and long lasting
  • They are easy to install and so can be carried out as a DIY project
  • They come in a variety of colours which can be expertly and creatively blended to give stunning finishes.
  • Resin driveways are cost effective
  • They are eco friendly
  • Visually appealing
  • Smooth, flexible permeable surface
  • Resistant to cracks and growth of weeds
  • Good anti-slip property
  • Ideal for wheelchairs and ramps

What is Tarmac Driveway?

Tarmac driveways are also commonly used for driveways. They are made from a mixture of tar and crushed stones. Tarmac driveways are sturdy, durable and have smooth surfaces which also makes them suitable for ramps and wheelchairs. They serve diverse purposes and are ideal for heavy traffic because of their strength, hardwearing property and surface smoothness. They are also recommended where there much material is needed since they can be less pricey than other alternatives. Its excellent grip quality in different weather conditions also makes it more desirable.

Several benefits of installing a tarmac driveway include;

  • Sturdy and durable material
  • Installation is quick and easy
  • It comes in a variety of colours (coloured tarmac)
  • They are cost effective. A black tarmac drive cost per m2 is around £40-£50.
  • Smooth surface
  • Excellent grip property

Resin Vs Tarmac Driveway- Table Of Comparison

Resin driveways are very durable and long lasting. The intended driveway use determines the depth of driveway which adds to its strength. Tarmac driveways are also able to withstand the weight of cars but over the years has lost some of its durability because of the quality of materials used.
Low maintenance requirement. You do not have to worry about frequent surface repairs or resealing. Surface remains firm without caving in as long as installation was properly done. Prone to cracks and weathering. Tarmacs tend to swell and melt during the summer when the temperature is higher.
Cost effective. Gives you good value for your money saving you valuable resources which would have been used for repairs. While it is cheap to install, you spend money over time due to surface repairs.
Can be installed upon suitable bases saving time and money. Mostly require extensive groundworks to install.
You can install your driveway yourself as a DIY project. Cannot be undertaken as a DIY project.
Permeable surface and thus SUDS compliant. Non-SUDS compliant with puddles of water forming on the surface after rainfall.
Comes in a wide range of colour options. Aggregate stones can be expertly blended to create stunning, elegant and bespoke resin bound finishes. While there are coloured tarmacs, you do not have the luxury of some stylish finishes. Your colour options are also limited.

From the above table, you can make a choice for your driveway. However, we recommend a resin bound driveway over a tarmac driveway for the reasons listed above. In terms of cost, there is not much difference between a tarmac driveway cost and a resin driveway cost as you can install them at an average cost range of £40-£70.

Reach out to us today for durable resin bound installations for your home. Our resin bound surfacing is durable, visually appealing, crack resistant, weed growth resistant, permeable and anti-slip. They are also cost effective and bring the much-needed transformation to any property. Furthermore, there is no limit to design options and you can customise your drive to suit your taste.

Contact us today 0808 273 7505 for the best resin bound installations in your property.

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