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Resin Driveway: The Smart Choice For Your Driveway

In recent times, the use of resin for the purpose outdoor decoration has gained prominence and for very obvious reasons. Homeowners and estate developers are now choosing resin driveway installations over other traditional flooring systems such as concrete, block paving, tarmac or asphalt.

Here at YourResinDriveway, our team of highly skilled professionals possess the requisite knowledge and skill set to get the job perfectly executed. We ensure you get a high quality customized driveway that is just the right amount of artistically breathtaking finish for your home.

We will be happy to attend to your queries, give professional advice, carry out surveys and send in quotations free of charge and without obligation.




How Resin Can Transform Your Home

If you are looking to add that touch of class and elegance to your home or transform your existing driveway to one of the aesthetic driveways, YourResinDriveway is just the company to do that for you. We are a trusted name in the whole of the UK with over 30 years’ experience in the industry.

We have the requisite expertise and experience applying modern technologies to bring stunning, custom made and unique resin driveways ideas for your home. You can trust our professional skilled craftsmen to bring the best durable, crack resistant, elegant, SUDS compliant resin drive which will stand the test of time remaining in immaculate condition for decades.

Our offices are in various areas in the UK including Manchester, Liverpool, London, Glasgow, Sheffield, Southampton, Chester, Cheshire and Leeds.

Our expert team of installers are also always ready to provide answers to your queries, give you professional advice as well as guide you from our initial chat through the designing and installation process to give you a resin driveway that will beat your imaginations.

Get Free Quotes For Resin Driveways UK

The following factors will go a long way to determine what your resin for driveway will cost. As a matter of fact, these are some of the major factors we put into consideration when preparing quotes for the driveways project

  • Size of the intended driveway area
  • Driveway location
  • Ground preparation requirements
  • Type of existing surface
  • Choice of aggregate stone
  • Required depth for installation
  • Choice of resin- UV stable or Non-UV stable resin
  • Edging requirement and layout of installation area
  • The cost of the materials
  • Labour costs
  • Other logistics

You can also fill out our online form or call our helplines and we will reach out to you either to provide answers to your questions, for professional advice or to give you a free quote for your next project.

Resin Driveway Near Me

The Best Driveway Option for you

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us for your resin driveways project in the UK;

  • Our resin installations are done with modern technologies using state of the art facilities
  • Our resin driveways are durable and hardwearing
  • Our aggregate stones and other raw materials are supplied from best sources
  • Raw materials for installation have passed the required tests including- impact and heat resistance tests, quality assurance tests and frost tests
    Installations are permeable and SUDS compliant
  • Our resin systems are weed resistant and require low maintenance
  • Guaranteed smooth finish with slip resistance for a wide variety of purpose
  • 15-year insurance on all our installations
  • Top quality installations from professional craftsmen
  • Only UVR resins are used guaranteeing no discoloration for many years
  • 30 Years’ worth of Experience
  • Fully insured and fully licensed company
  • Professional workmanship from our experts’ installers
  • Superb customer service and quick response to enquiries
  • Full site survey as well as thorough ground preparation before any installation
  • Expert design and installation with modern techniques
  • Personalized designs that beats your imagination

Top Benefits of Choosing Resin Driveways in the UK

Here are the reasons why you should choose a resin driveway for your next resin for driveway UK project-

  • They are much more aesthetically pleasing when compared to other flooring types. They can add elegance and improve the value of homes where they are installed.
  • A resin driveways is an extremely durable flooring system and very long lasting. As long as they are used for the right purpose, they can last for over two decades.
  • What is more, they require low maintenance which means you save money in the long run as you will not be carrying out repairs as is required in other flooring systems.
  • In addition to this, they are slip resistant thanks to its anti-slip property. Its flexible surface also means it is crack resistant and will also withstand harsh temperatures whether in the winter or summer.
  • To top it all off, the resin surface is porous and so allows water to permeate through without forming puddles on the surface. The implication of this is that, you do not need to create an additional channel for drainage nor would you have to worry about flash flooding after a heavy rain.
  • They are therefore SUDS compliant and this is a very important requirement for an ideal flooring system.
  • Resin systems are therefore perfect for a variety of commercial and residential settings. They can be installed in a variety of ways- resin pathways, resin patios, resin bound driveways, resin bound gravel, etc.
  • With resin driveways, you have no limit to creativity and innovative designs. You can create stunning resin drive colours by using a single colour or combination of colours. Resin systems allow you to create unique patterns, logos, styles, shapes and curves for your outdoor space as you desire.
  • It can also be installed quickly and easily. With a DIY Resin Kit, you can install an averaged sized driveway even if you do not have prior experience. They can also be laid on a suitable existing surface such as concrete or tarmac base.
  • Furthermore, unlike other flooring systems, driveways in the united kingdom do not discolour as long as UV resistant resin is used in the installation. This is because such resins are able to withstand UV rays from the sun and not discolour or fade with time.

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What is Fairtrades member?

FairTrades is a leading trade association established in 1983 that brings professional tradesmen close to homeowners. Tradesmen under FairTrades association are unarguably the best and rated 9.55 out of 10 owing to their excellence.

As a homeowner, you can rest assured that all FairTrades members are only accredited after thorough vetting which includes their trading history, legal and financial checks,reference checks, to name a few. When you decide to work with a Tradesman under FairTrade, you are sure of getting top grade home improvement service.

A quick search for “resin driveways near me” may reveal tons of companies to pick from but not all deliver as promised. How do you identify one you can trust?

For your resin driveways installation, Tradesmen from FairTrades are the best form of insurance backed guarantee you can afford. FairTrades ensures you are protected by providing you with all the necessary information to guide your decision making when you want to hire a service.

In the event that your home improvement did not go as planned, FairTrades can help you get a complaints process started to ensure that your disputes are resolved.

We are a FairTrades accredited company and you can rest assured that your rights are respected and protected as a customer. With us here at Your Resin Driveway, you will not have to worry about making the wrong investment.

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Free Survey and Quote

Our service covers a free no obligation survey and quote. Feel free to contact us and we will be on hand to survey your property and provide you with a free quote for your resin driveway UK.

Fixed pricing for your peace of mind

Once you have been issued a full quote, you can be sure of attracting zero hidden charges or additional costs as our prices for services are fixed.

We’ll work to your timescales

We place customer satisfaction above anything else and that is why we are open to working with your timeline. We can have your resin driveways UK perfectly finished anytime from one week to two months.



DAVID is one of our most reliable professional technicians with enormous years of experience under his belt. Here’s what he has to say;

“As a professional who has been installing resin driveways in Liverpool for more than a decade – one challenge customers suffer the most is wrong installation by incompetent hands.There is a real art to installing resin driveways, there are manufacturer’s specifications to be religiously followed. The slightest turn on the wrong track, your driveway is completely messed up and you cannot be guaranteed its durability. This would have you paying twice for what you would have done once and for all.

When customers choose to have a resin driveway installed, all they want is a stunning yet long lasting driveway alternative. Anything outside this defeats the purpose of installing a resin driveway. We understand this and that is why we put our heart and soul into our work. So whatever your need may be, we will come out to your property, carry out a survey, advise you on the best approach to installation and provide you a free quote for your new driveway in Liverpool.

Looking for resin driveways near me? Your resin driveway is your best bet. We are at your service, anytime anywhere in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered

For more personalized questions about your resin driveways, for example, resin driveway cost Uk, we assure you will get precise answers you need once we have completed a survey on your property. However, here we have provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from our clients:

Are Resin Drives Slippy In Winter?

An advantage resin drives in the UK has over other surfaces is that they are not slippery. No matter the weather, it has anti-slip properties which provide traction on the foot and friction with the floor. For extra anti-slip property, please ensure that the right amount of resin is used in the initial mix. You can also apply an anti-slip coating to the finished driveway.

What Is The Cheapest Type Of Driveway?

The cheapest type of driveway is gravel. Minimum Charges required for installation of such driveways. However, the loose gravel can tend to be moved away from the driveway due to traffic or other human movements or weather elements.

How Much Does A Resin Bound Driveway Cost In The UK?

There are different factors that can affect the cost of a resin bound driveway. From materials used for installs to area size. However, on average, the cost of resin driveways in the UK ranges from £40 to £60 per m2.

How To Clean Resin Driveways?

Cleaning a resin driveway is not difficult. A stiff-bristled broom or brush is recommended to remove debris on the driveway surface.

Periodically, a jet wash (pressure wash) should be done to keep the resin driveway in top condition. This should be done with a flat spraying nozzle as this will help to improve accuracy when you are spraying your driveway. The pressure should not be above 15bar to avoid damaging the driveway surface. A mild weed killer can also be used to get rid of any weed that may have sprouted up on the surface. Strong chemicals are not advised as they can damage your driveway.

A plastic snow shovel is also the ideal tool for snow and ice removal.

Do you do steps, stones and build walls?

YES we do all kinds of installations in addition to driveways.

Do resin driveways crack?

Short answer, No. However, the only time a resin surface may develop crack is when it has been poorly installed. For example, if poor materials were used by an installer, or if insufficient quantity of resin has been mixed with the stone or manufacturer’s guideline is not followed strictly, this may result in sub-base cracking which could eventually expand to the surface.

Can you pressure wash a resin driveway?

Yes, you can pressure wash resin driveways. Although Resin driveways only require periodic cleaning, if you want to clean your resin driveway, this can be done with a jet wash machine. However, when jet washing resin surfaces, care must be taken not to damage the area being washed by using excessive pressure.

How long before you can park on a resin driveway?


After a new resin driveway has been installed, it is advised to let it sit for 24hours before vehicles can be allowed to park or move on the driveway. Foot traffic however, is allowed just about 6-8 hours after installation.

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