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Find Trusted Resin Driveways Near Me in the UK?

August 16, 2022

Over the years, several materials have been employed in beautifying the outdoor space of homes. Some of these include asphalt, concrete, tarmac and block paving. While each has its strengths, they also have weaknesses.

In recent times, resin bound systems have become the material of choice for homeowners as they offer huge advantages that give them the edge over the other alternatives.

It combine polyurethane resin and natural aggregate stones which are laid on a solid sub base to create a smooth finish.

Resin driveways as opposed to concrete and block paving driveways which give a dull and rigid feel offer a more natural, elegant and aesthetic feel. They are equally very durable and so it's an excellent choice as you do not compromise durability for visual appeal.

Driveway Design Options

With resin systems, you have unlimited driveway design options as the aggregate stones come in various shapes and colours which can be expertly blended to give you a unique driveway which does not only add to the beauty of your home but also complements existing structures.

Classification of resin driveways based on the method of installation. They are:
  • Resin Bonded :

    The resin bonded driveway is installed by first pouring a layer of resin across the subbase and then the aggregate stones are scattered onto the resin surface. The stones are thereafter pressed into the resin to create a “bond”. While this option is cheaper and easier to than the resin bound driveway, it is not as durable as there are higher chances that the stones will get loose and fall off over time.

    Resin bonded surfaces are also not permeable which means that alternative drainage channels will have to be constructed since water will not be able to drain through the surface.

  • Resin Bound :

    In the case of resin bound driveways, the aggregate stones are not scattered unto the resin surface but are mixed together with the resin. The stones are compacted into the resin in a fine mix and then unto a subbase.

    This ensures evenness of the installation, and prevents cracks, sinking or swelling of the driveway. There are also no loose aggregate stones in a resin bound driveway. The permeability of the resin bound surfaces also sets it apart as you do not have to worry about puddles of water forming on the surface since their surfaces are porous and will allow water to drain through. Resin driveways are thus SUDS compliant.

Resin bound systems are not only for installation of driveways but also for resin bound patio, pathway as well as resin bound gravel.

These Are The Reasons Why You Should Install A Resin Bound Surfacing

They Are Durable And Hardwearing:

Resin bound driveways are very durable and are able to stand the test of time. As long as they are well maintained and used for the purpose for which they were installed, they can last over two decades. They are able to withstand adverse weather conditions and maintain its structural integrity and smooth finish. Their flexible surface also means that they are also resistant to cracks and so will not need periodic resealing of the surface as it is the case with concrete driveways.

They Have Minimal Maintenance Requirement:

With resin bound systems, cleaning is easy. You only need to brush off the surface to get rid of debris while you can also pressure wash the surface periodically to keep it in top condition. Also, the fact that you do not need periodic surface resealing means that you save yourself money in the long run.

Colour Stability:

There are two main resin types which are used in the installation of a resin system. These are the Non-UV resistant and the UV resistant resin. When installed with the UV resistant resin, the resin drive will hardly discolour even on exposure to sunlight. This is a huge advantage it has over concrete, tarmac and block paving flooring systems.

They Have Permeable Surface:

Thanks to its porous surface, resin bound driveways are permeable allowing for water to drain through the surface to the water bed. They are therefore SUDS compliant.

Additionally, installing a resin bound driveway saves you the cost and stress of installing a secondary drainage channel to get rid of surface water which will also need the approval of the UK planning authority.

They Can Be Personalized:

With a resin bound surface, homeowners can own their driveway and customize them in different ways. You could incorporate logos, letterings, patterns, motifs and symbols creating a unique design that suits your style.

Unlimited Design Options:

Design options are unlimited with a driveway resin thanks to the huge variety of colourful stone aggregates that come in different sizes, blends and textures. Several stone aggregates can also be combined to create a unique and stunning driveway for your home.

Installation Is Quick And Easy:

Except in cases where there is need for extensive ground preparations and excavations, installing a resin bound surface can be easy as an average sized and can be installed as a DIY project.

Resin Bound Driveways Are Eco-friendly:

Resin bound driveways are ten times eco-friendlier than concrete, which means that they are the ideal choice especially in our dynamic world where it is important to choose what is best for earth’s climate.

Factors Determine the Driveway Cost

There are several factors which will determine the cost of your driveway. These include:-

  • Size of the intended driveway area
  • Driveway location
  • Ground preparation requirements
  • Type of existing surface
  • Choice of aggregate stone
  • Required depth for installation
  • Choice of resin- UV stable or Non-UV stable resin
  • Edging requirement and layout of installation area
  • The cost of the materials
  • Labour costs
  • Other logistics

Taking these into consideration, our professional installers will give you a free quote for your project. Our prices are competitive and you can trust us to give you the best.

Resin Driveways Near Me

Yourresindriveway is a leading name in the driveway installation industry in the UK. Our skilled professional installers are just a call away no matter where you are in the UK. We have our Resin Bound Driveways London , Glasgow, Chester and Leeds installers.

We cover the whole of the UK and bring nothing but the best to your home adding that touch of class, elegance and beauty. With over 30years of experience, you can trust us to have the required expertise for whatever project you intend to embark on.

Reach out to us today via our helplines 08082737505 or fill out our online free enquiry form for more information and let us discuss your next driveway project.

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