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6 Resin Patio Ideas & Design for Outdoor Project

June 06, 2023

Design flexibility is an exceptional feature that makes the use of resin highly preferred for the transformation of outdoor spaces. You can do so much with a resin patio. It offers a stylish and more aesthetic alternative to other conventional patio, block paving or decking styles.

You have total control over your installation and can incorporate designs, motifs, logos and various patterns into your resin patio. That is to say you can truly own your patio and customise it the way you want. Your resin can be tailored to suit your property either to blend or create a contrast. This is a huge advantage of having a resin patio over other conventional patios, paving and slabs.

Is Resin Great for Patios?

Resin bound patios are great for almost any type of outdoor project. They are also very durable and do not scuff, swell, sink or crack. They show great resistance to the growth of weeds, moss and algae. When installed using UV stable resin, they will maintain their colours without fading even on exposure to sunlight or harsh weather conditions.

Resin patio surfaces are also smooth, flexible and permeable allowing water to drain through after rainfall - thus a more eco-friendly option. Additionally, they are easy to maintain. Regular sweeping with a stiff brush and an occasional power wash is enough to keep your patio in top condition. Their surfaces despite being smooth are also anti-slip thanks to the addition of crushed glass during installation. The surface smoothness of a resin patio makes it easily accessible for persons with mobility issues who can drive their wheelchairs and mobility scooters on it without any issues.

Below are some resin patio design options which you may consider for your upcoming project.

1. Resin Patio To Replace An Old Worn Out Block Paving

You can use a resin patio to replace existing block paving. While block paving is beautiful when installed, over time, cracks begin to appear and they begin to swell or sink. Also, you may see weeds beginning to sprout up making the place untidy.

Here you have the option of doing a complete overhaul by replacing the entire brick work with a resin patio or replacing the tired block paving with a resin installation.

For a large patio space, you can create a stunning and elegant installation by blending the brick work with resin patio using the right colour aggregates. For instance, a red brick can be blended with pale cream stones and then complemented with a darker matte edging. One huge advantage of installing a resin patio is that it can be easily adapted to fit a variety of spaces and curved areas. They can also be used for creating pathways and steps leading up to your patio.

Resin bound patio

2. Smooth, Flat Resin Patios With Ease of Access

Resin patios can be used to create accessible paths for wheelchairs, bikes, buggies and scooters. This is one difficulty with other conventional patios and driveway types made with bricks, gravel and concrete.

In the installation of resin patios, an anti-slip agent is incorporated to prevent trips and falls while also remaining very smooth.

Additionally, the porous surface of the resin allows water to pass through preventing flash flooding, and water pools on the surface which can result in weakness of the patio and cracks over time.

3. Creating An Easy To Maintain Patio With Your Garden

There are resin garden ideas where you can install a resin patio alongside grassy areas, raised beds and decking. These patio areas created with a garden can be used for water features, entertainment spots, etc. and would not really require you to do so much to keep them in good condition.

By laying a resin patio alongside your garden, you will not have to worry about unwanted plant growth as may be seen between paving slabs. The issue of water causing cracks as it washes away the cement in a concrete paving is also eliminated.

Resin garden patio

4. Stylish Resin Patio Finishes

You can make a statement with an eye-catching resin patio installation within your outdoor space to create a unique colour scheme. There is so much you can do with a resin installation. The colour choices available are limitless while you can also blend various stone sizes of different textures to create a unique combination for your resin patio.

For instance, you can create a classic with natural stones or blend aggregates of gold and silver stones for a lustrous and colourful shimmer.

5. Resin Patio Ideas For Your Pool Area In A Modern Home

If you have a modern property and you desire a contemporary, sleek and elegant outdoor space, resin is a great choice. Resin is a fantastic choice for pool surrounds, as a result of its permeability, low-maintenance requirement and slip resistance property.

Options you can use around your garden area to make other shades stand out include cool greys and anthracites or other mixtures of deep greys with white or silver aggregates.

For an outdoor pool area, you need calm aggregate stones which will create a wonderful contrast with the fresh blue water, rich green lawns and colourful plants.

6. Installing A Resin Bound Patio To Transform Older Homes

Resin patios offer great versatility as they can be used to repair or transform older homes making them look more modern. You can replace older patio types while also maintaining the style and theme of a home and still create something elegant with a resin patio.

Older buildings such as a Victorian property, traditional cottage, or even a Georgian building can be renovated or transformed with some resin patio ideas. You can still maintain the same colour and tone of the previously installed brickwork in your patio design or do something different without having to take anything away from the building.

resin patios

In other words, we have options for you where you can still use the same natural stones used in the original flooring to maintain consistency and still show how long your property has lasted.

Can I Do my Resin Bound patio Installation on my own?

While Resin Bound patios are often described as easy to install, it is important to note that DIY installation may not be as straightforward. Installing a Resin Bound patio can be a complex task and hiring a professional for the installation is generally the recommended approach.

As a matter of fact, DIY installation can result in issues which may be very difficult to fix and can incur significant costs for rectification. whether you want to transform your garden layout, or use a patio to complete a much bigger landscaping project; a professional resin patio installer can help bring your project to life.

Installing Your Ideal Resin Patio

You can transform an unused area in your property to an asset for either seating, relaxation, entertainment or as a walkway to other areas in your property. Your limit is your imagination and you can trust our third party professional installers at YourResinDriveway to give you nothing but the best. Whatever you dream, can be your reality.

Our exceptional professionals will advise you on best choices for your home, the right aggregates and blends to bring that needed spark to your outdoor space. You can also contact us 0808 273 7505 or by filling out our online forms to request for pricing estimates for your next resin driveway project. Give us a call when you can and let us together bring some magic to your home.

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