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Do Weeds Grow Through Resin Driveways?

August 31, 2022

A common question which prospective clients ask when discussing your driveway installation project is if weeds can grow through a resin driveway.

Examine the Benefits of Resin Surfaces - Weed Resistance Capacity

Now there are various advantages of a resin driveway over other driveway installation systems. These include its highly aesthetic property, durability and hardwearing, colour stability, surface flexibility which makes it crack resistant, good value for money and SUDS compliance property.

However, another very important advantage of a resin bound driveway is that it is weed resistant.

Moss and Algae Do not Grow of Resin Driveways

Therefore, to answer the question, resin driveways are impervious to the growth of weeds. When installed properly, weeds cannot grow up through the surface of a resin driveway. Also, other unwanted growth such as moss and algae will usually not grow through the surface of a resin driveway. This is because resin bound driveways are completely bound and so this resin bound system doesn’t allow weeds to grow up through the sub-base and penetrate the surface.

Permeability Aspect of Resin Surface Control Weed Growth

However, it is very possible that seedlings in the air can be blown onto the resin driveway surface and cause some growth especially where there is lots of vegetation. These weeds however cannot thrive because of the permeability of the resin surface. The porous nature of the resin surface means that water can drain through it without forming puddles on the surface. The weeds therefore cannot grow since they are starved of water.

Check out the Weed Growth Prevention Measures

Growth of moss and algae is also rare on resin bound driveways. It can however occur if weather conditions are damp and humid and when they are on the surface, slips and falls can occur especially if the surface is very wet. Fortunately, weeds, mosses and algae on your resin driveway can be dealt with easily. Below we have mentioned some of the best ways to thwart weed growth:

  • Inhibit Weed Using a Good Herbicide
  • To get rid of any growth on the surface, we recommend you apply market-leading moss, algae and weed killer according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It is highly recommended you follow the instructions of the manufacturer as you would most likely have to dilute the weed killer before applying on the resin surface. Applying a concentrated weed killer can discolour the surface of your resin driveway.

  • Use a Homemade Beach to Kill Weeds
  • Alternatively, a household bleach can be used and this should be washed off with clean water afterwards. Leaving it on the surface for prolonged periods can also result in the discolouration of the resin surface.

  • Utilize a Firm Brush & Clean Water to Remove Weeds
  • Usually, the maintenance requirement of resin bound systems is low. Cleaning can be done using a stiff brush to go over the surface and hosing down in areas with clean water.

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Yourresindriveway is a leading resin driveway installation firm in the UK. We have several resin driveways UK offices including our resin driveways in London and resin driveways in Glasgow for those in Scotland. We offer premium, stunning, elegant and high-quality resin bound systems installation. Our expertise include installation of resin driveways, resin pathways, resin bound gravel and resin patios.

You can contact us via our helplines 0808 273 7505 to discuss your next resin driveway project. Our costs are very competitive and we can give you a free quotation for your project after due discussions.

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