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Natural Beauty: Why Resin Driveways are a better alternative?

June 27, 2023

Most traditional flooring systems such as concrete and gravel lack the aesthetic appeal and natural appearance that many desire. Although concrete is very durable, it falls short when it comes to style and is not the ideal choice for transforming or upgrading the outdoor areas of a property. This is the reason a lot of people are turning their attention towards resin which are far more superior in terms of durability, elegance, design options while also leaving a natural look.

resin driveway

In this article, we will explore other qualities of resin driveways which make them a preferred alternative for home owners and developers who want a seamless mix of natural charm, durability and functionality.

How Resin Driveways differs from other traditional alternatives?

  • First, there is a difference in appearance and surface feel. While traditional concrete, bricks and gravel have a rough feeling to them, as well as a rocky rough and dull appearance, resin bound surfaces have an eye-catching, smooth stony surface.

  • Additionally, resin bound surfaces are more durable and are able to withstand natural elements and harsh weather. Their colours remain stable even on exposure to sunlight especially when a UV Resistant resin is used. For the traditional paving systems, they are not as durable as resin bound solutions as they discolour and lose their beauty much faster.

  • Furthermore, there is design flexibility when it comes to resin bound surfaces. This is because there are a vast variety of colours, patterns and designs from which you can make your choice. Aggregates of different colours can also be expertly blended to give a unique new design. You can also customise your resin installation however you choose by adding logos, inscriptions or motifs. This design flexibility is nonexistent in traditional paving systems.

  • Another point to consider is ease of installation. You can install a regular or average sized resin driveway as a DIY project in one or two days, and walk upon them in just a little over 6 hours of installation. Installation is even much quicker if the existing base is suitable and there is no need for ground preparations. For traditional concrete and brick systems, you will need to carry out some soil excavation and you cannot do the installation by yourself. You will need an installation expert to do the job.

  • Additionally, there is low maintenance requirement when it comes to resin driveways. While traditional concrete and brick paving solutions require periodic surface resealing and other maintenance works, resin bound surfaces save you the stress and financial implications of these repairs. You only need a stiff brush to get rid of debris on a resin surface and a power wash (jet wash) twice a year to keep your driveway looking new.

resin bound driveway
  • What is more, resin bound solutions are resistant to the growth of weeds as long as the installation is properly done. Growth of weeds makes for an ugly sight and this is eliminated in resin bound solutions. This is in contrast to brick paving where weeds can sprout up from the joints between pavers.

  • Again resin bound solutions thanks to their uniform, smooth, anti-slip and flexible surfaces, provides ease of access for a variety of applications. They can easily be used around swimming pools, car parks, etc. Additionally, there is absolutely no challenge when it comes to ramps used by wheelchairs, buggies, etc.

  • Resin bound driveways are environmentally friendly. Their surfaces are not just smooth, flat and flexible, but they are also permeable. This is an essential requirement of the SUDS regulation. What this means is that, you will not require a UK planning permission to install one for your home as you will require with a traditional concrete or block paving surface.

    Resin bound surfaces help to curb flash flooding and environment pollution by trapping pollutants on the driveway surface whilst allowing water to drain through it down to the water bed. This also reduces the amount of water that goes to the treatment works while also ensuring cleaner and fresher air in the area.

    In contrast, traditional flooring solutions direct water straight to the waterways which does not only increase the risk of flooding but also affects wildlife. You will also need to install an additional drainage channel to help channel water away from your property. Resin bound solutions save you this stress.

In conclusion, resin bound solutions give good value for your money in the long run - both in terms of design, durability and functionality.

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