Types of Resin Patios

July 05, 2022

Resin Patios

Resin patios are a surface type that consists of a mixture of natural aggregates and resin to form a patio space for either residential or commercial buildings.

Resin patios, though relatively new, have become a favorite for homeowners and real estate developers for the unique touch of class it adds to the entire architecture.

Resin patios are indeed a recommended option to transform any outdoor space as they offer stylish alternatives to other types of surfacing.

A patio of course provides a space to relax around the garden and what better way to create a relaxation space but to use resin which offers more in terms of designs, patterns and styles. With a resin patio, you can customize the design to fit your choice thus giving you total control of your outdoor decoration.

Resin patios do not only offer elegance and beauty but are also a very durable option. Their surface is not only permeable to allow for surface run off but also flexible making it less susceptible to crack which is a huge advantage it has over other flooring options.

Before the advent of resin, patios were usually paved and this creates a problem to keep them in tiptop shape as it requires extensive cleaning to get rid of weeds and other debris.

Resin patios on the other hand are resistant to growth of weeds and mosses. It is therefore very easy to get rid of them should they appear. You will most likely only need to brush the surface and you are good to go.

Resin patios do not scuff as a result of their smooth surface and will not swell, dip or submerge since water or other fluids cannot be contained in them.

Additionally, if UV stable resins were used in the installation of the resin bound patio, then it will neither change its color nor fade over time.

Resin Patio Benefits

There are many benefits that come with installing a resin bound patio and here are some of these benefits;

  • They are faster and easier to install than the traditional paving or decking. A newly installed resin patio can be used the next day after it has been laid.
  • Resin patios are hardwearing and very durable. They can last more than 20years when used rightly and properly maintained.
  • Resin patios are also very accessible. They are very ideal for ramps used by bicycles, scooters, buggies, pushchairs and wheelchairs. Resin patios can certainly be used by anyone.
  • They require minimal maintenance to keep it in top shape. You can use a hard brush to clean off weeds or debris on the surface. You can also occasionally do pressure washing to keep it looking immaculate.
  • When made with UV stable resin, resin patios are resistant to color change and fading; thus, maintaining its elegance for many years.
  • Resin patios are resistant to weeds, mosses and algae.
  • Due to its porous surface, resin patios are permeable and so allow water to drain away from the surface without forming puddles. This makes resin patios SUDS compliant.
  • Resin patios have a smooth and flat surface as there are no loose stones which makes it safe to walk on. Additionally, they have great slip resistance.
  • As long as they are installed properly, resin patios will not swell, sink, crack nor cave in.
  • Resin patios are compatible with other forms of existing surfaces and can easily be laid on them.
  • Resin bound patios are visually appealing and can easily be adapted into any shape according to the needs of the user or the intended space. They also allow the user to personalize them as they can be customized and incorporate different designs, logos, patterns and symbols. They also come in a vast range of colour blends and texture.

Resin Patio Design Ideas

There are different resin patio design ideas which clients can choose for the decoration of their outdoor space. Also, our resin driveway installers can help you choose the best for your outdoor space. You can have;

Resin Drive Colours

Resin patios come in different colors and there are an unlimited number of blends that can be achieved thanks to the different natural aggregate stones available. Your specific needs and taste will determine what aggregates will be chosen and how our driveway installers will blend them.

Some resin patio colors available include;

  • Red resin driveways
  • Pebble resin driveways
  • White resin driveways
  • Gray resin driveways
  • Black resin driveways

The color of a resin aggregate can be affected when the aggregates are mixed. There is always a unique blend for everyone and our professional installers can get you your desired color by expertly mixing the right natural aggregates to get you your desired finish.

Resin Patio Cost

The cost of a resin patio is not predetermined but depends on various factors which include the following;

  • Type of aggregate. Size of aggregate and required depth
  • Size of the area
  • Type of existing surface
  • UV stable or Non-UV stable resin
  • Edging requirement
  • Layout of the installation area
  • The duration of the installation process including time for ground preparations if required

Resin Bound Gravel Suppliers

At Yourresindriveway, we guarantee you only the best for your resin bound system installations. We are a leading Resin Driveways UK expert and specialize in installation of patios, pathways, driveways and other flooring types according to the needs of our clients.

You can find Resin Driveways Near Me as we have our driveways Chester and driveways Liverpool offices open with expert installers at your beck and call.

We have many years of experience having worked with different clients of different tastes and desires. Our resin bound systems are very durable as they are made with materials of the highest quality.

You can be sure that Our team of expertly trained and highly skilled technicians know exactly what you need and will provide you with high quality installations with stunning creativity. Our installations also come with a 15year guarantee.

You can reach out to us for a no obligation quote by filling our free online forms. You can also call our helplines if you wish to make any enquiries.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Why Choose Yourresindriveway

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  • fully insured and fully licensed firm
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