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Best Tips For Resin Bound Mixer

January 17, 2023

To have a perfect drive mix, your best bet is the forced action mixer. It is very crucial for every resin bound project as any mistake during the mixing stage could be very detrimental to the entire project. This guide will therefore help you understand how crucial a forced action mixer is to a Resin Bound installation, the benefits and how to use it to achieve high quality mixes. For the purpose of this guide, we will focus on the Baron M110 forced action mixer.

Benefits Of Using A Resin Bound Mixer (The Forced Action Mixer) For Your Installer

  • It is safe and easy to use. Thanks to no sharp edges, it makes for improved safety and easy usage.
  • It has a mixing capacity of 110 liters.
  • Thanks to its welded frame construction, it is very strong, durable and reliable.
  • Presence of an extra safety pan for improved emptying technology
  • Presence of an easily accessible emergency stop button
  • It comes with heavy-duty steel blades as well as optional extra rubber blades
  • Presence of an outlet handle which is easily accessible

Other advantages include;

  • Ease of maintenance and cleaning
  • Availability of spare parts and accessories
  • Guaranteed long term use
  • Long service life
  • Technical support from experts

The forced action mixer (Baron M110) is widely accepted having a reputation for high quality performance, as well as safety and ergonomic design properties.

How to Use The Forced Action Mixer To Mix Resin Bound Aggregates

resin bound mixer
resin bound mixer
  1. Pour one 25kg bag containing 1-3mm aggregate stones and another 25kg bag containing 2-5mm aggregate stones into the mixer.
  2. Add your pre-mixed resin to the mix and put on your timer. Take note of how long the mixing lasted. It shouldn’t be more than 5 minutes.
  3. Add the remaining 25kg bags of 2-3 mm aggregates to the mix and then slowly add the C52 sand to the mix.
  4. Ensure the sand is evenly distributed and when the mixing is done, empty the mix into your wheelbarrow.
  5. After emptying the contents of the mix, switch off the mixer and take special care to scrape out all residue of the mix from the bottom of the mixer as well as from the blades.

It is important that the duration of mixing for steps 2 and 3 above are exactly the same as any variation will lead to a change in colour during the mix. A stopwatch is therefore recommended.

Essential Tips For Your Resin Bound Mixer

Proper maintenance of your resin bound mixer is key towards ensuring that it stays in perfect working condition for years. It is therefore important that you thoroughly clean your mixer after every mix to avoid resin building up in the mixer.

Furthermore, when the resin is left unremoved and it cures in the mixer, it is very difficult to get rid off whereas non-cured resin can be easily cleaned off.

Additionally, cleaning your mixer prevents clumping and contamination. When you do not clean your mixer, there is a chance that residue from the previous mix can contaminate the new mix and present problems for you.

How To Clean Resin

We recommend that you use white spirit to get rid of all resin mix residue and also check the blades regularly for any deterioration or wear and tear.

Furthermore, to prevent resin from sticking to the inside of the mixer each time it is used, apply WD40 to the inside of the mixer.

What else should you know about mixing resin?

  • Ensure that you maintain a consistent timing for every mix. This will prevent colour variations in the mix. Use a timer (stopwatch) to ensure accuracy.
  • Avoid using damp aggregates in your mix.
  • Keep your resin bound mixer in shade away from sunlight
  • Ensure you also observe the temperature of the forced action mixer while mixing

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