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What are the things to consider when Planning a Driveway?

July 03, 2023

A driveway in its most simple form is a path that leads to your garage or house from the street. This space affords cars the room to pull in without causing any damage to your front garden or lawn.

It may seem an easy task to add a new driveway or renovate an old one for a property. On the contrary, it requires adequate planning so that it can be done right.

planning resin driveway

Below are certain factors you should think about when planning a Driveway.

1. Existing Architecture:

The style of your home will go a long way in influencing your choice of driveway material. You may want to settle for a material that compliments existing architecture in order to enhance your home’s curb appeal.

For instance, your home may be traditional or contemporary. For a modern or contemporary home, you may want to go for concrete pavers. Your installer can be very creative with choice of pattern and colours to create something bespoke and magical for your home.

Natural stone paving or gravel can also give a classic look and is more suited with rustic or traditional homes. Cobble setts can also be used for the same purpose.

2. Drainage and Planning Permission:

There are now guides on the installation of new driveways. One of these is the Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SuDS). Now if you are installing a permeable driveway such as the resin bound solution, you will not need a UK planning permission.

This is simply because resin bound surfaces are porous and allow water to drain through them. Therefore, water does not flow into existing drainage systems increasing the chances of flooding and environmental pollution. With a permeable driveway, you do not also have to install a secondary drainage channel for water.

On the other hand, if you decide to install a resin bonded driveway or some other non-permeable driveway surface, you will need to deal with the process of applying for and obtaining a planning permit before you start.

You also have to bear the extra expenses of designing and installing a suitable auxiliary drainage for your driveway.

3. Cost of a Driveway:

This is perhaps one of the most important factors that influence choice of a driveway for many homeowners. There are different materials that can be used for a driveway construction and their prices also differ.

Take a look at a range of what these materials may likely cost you:

  • Concrete- £40 – £80 per m².

  • Resin bonded- £26 per m².

  • Resin bound- £40 – £70 per m². (average £60 per m²)

  • Tarmac- black tarmac -£70-£110 per m²; red tarmac - £100-£130 per m² (labour costs included)

Cost of resin bound driveway may cost as high as £100 per m² if site preparation works such as digging, excavation and waste disposal need to be done before the actual driveway installation.

planning a driveway

Here are some of the factors that influence Driveway Cost;

  • Size of the driveway- This is mainly a function of how many cars you have or how often you get visitors who come with their cars. For one average sized car, your driveway needs to be at least 10 feet wide. With more cars, you will need a wider driveway.

  • Condition of Existing driveway- Which will necessitate some ground works if it is not suitable to carry a new driveway

  • Thickness of the driveway- The material needed will depend on the desired thickness of the driveway. The thicker the driveway, the more material required. This in turn influences overall cost.

  • Design- Complex designs will cost more than simpler designs.

  • The location of the driveway - Driveways cost varies according to location. Cost of logistics such as transporting driveway materials to the site also impacts on the overall cost.

  • Drainage requirements- The overall cost of installing a driveway will increase if you need to install an additional driveway

  • Choice of Resin Bound Aggregate- Some aggregates are rare and so cost more than the others. The sizes of aggregate also impact on prices. These will in turn influence the final installation cost.

  • Edging Requirements

  • The Quality of the Resin (UV stable or Non-UV stable)- UV stable resins are resistant to UV rays from the sun and are much more durable and less likely to fade or discolour. They are also more crack resistant. They are usually pricier than their non-UV stable counterparts.

4. Upfront Maintenance Costs:

Choosing a driveway with little maintenance requirement in the long run is very important. This is one reason why resin driveways are preferable over block paving drives for instance.

Concrete will also need resealing regularly to prevent cracks. Gravels can be mobile and will need frequent shovelling to keep them in position. You should check the cost of maintaining your drives and the ease of doing it. If it is something you can handle, you can go ahead with it.

5. The Weather Condition of your Location:

The climate condition of your home is very crucial and should play a leading role in determining what driveway you choose. For instance,

  • Concrete tend to crack during freeze-thaw cycles,

  • Chances of erosion are high with Gravel, which poses a huge challenge if you live somewhere that gets a lot of rain, snow, or hail.

  • Asphalt does better in areas that experience weather fluctuations.

  • Resin bound gravels are able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

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