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How does SuDS Resin Bound help to improve Drainage in the UK?

June 22, 2023

Driveway, pathway or patio resin bound installations must be SuDS compliant so that you will not need a planning permission before installing them, nor will you need the construction of an additional drainage channel to get rid of water.

Beyond this, there are other reasons why SuDS compliance exists; but first let us understand the meaning of SuDS.


What is SuDS?

SuDS is an acronym for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems. They refer to drainage systems that are able to naturally drain water away from the surface. This is a move away from earlier systems where water is drained through conventional, non-permeable pipe and sewer drainage channels.

What is the SuDS Regulation?

With increased volumes of rainwater and flash flooding, the UK government in 2008 made changes to the household development rights. You will not need to obtain planning permission if you intend to pave a front garden with SuDS compliant material.

In other words, you will need a planning permission if your installation is to be made with a non-SuDS material.

Are Resin Bound Systems SuDS Compliant?

Yes, resin bound surfaces are SuDS as the resin bound installation has tiny holes throughout the entire surface which allows water to pass through. It is even much better when a permeable base such as porous tarmac is used over a MOT type 3

Resin Bound Systems SuDS Compliant

Problems Associated with Non-SuDS Surfaces

The existing challenges with global warming is no news, necessitating measures taken to help the environment. Such activities include planting wildflowers for bees, planting trees, cutting out plastic or reducing the impact of flash flooding.

The issue of flash flooding has caused serious damages and has raised so much concern since 2007. Usually, pollutants are carried by rainwater on driveways and other surfaces into waterways, streams and rivers causing adverse effects to wildlife and natural ecosystems.

Additionally, when water overflows in this way, excess water is carried to the sewage treatment works. This can cause harm to us as there is a higher risk for overflowing which can contaminate the environment. What this means is that with an increase in non-permeable surfaces such as paving and concrete, there are lesser areas where water can pass through into the water bed.

How does SuDS Requirement help improve Drainage in the UK?

To increase green infrastructure, surfaces need to be SuDS compliant. Installing a SuDS complaint surface helps in managing the risk of flash flooding. SuDS compliance helps to improve the ease with water from a path, patio or driveway drains back into the ground without overwhelming existing drainage channels.

Furthermore, the air quality both in traditional and rural areas will become better and fresher.

SuDS Compliance of resin Bonded Materials

While resin bound surfaces are SuDS compliant, resin bonded materials are not. Their stones are not porous and therefore not permeable. You will therefore need to obtain a UK planning permission to install one.

Additionally, you will need to install additional drainage channels to direct water away from the property.

Got an upcoming Resin Project?

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