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Resincoat Resin Bound Driveway Professional Kit UV Stable

October 21, 2022

Driveway resin kits contain everything you need to install a resin bound driveway of at least 1m². The contents of the kits include decorative, washed and dried aggregate stones, UV resistant resin which can either be the specially formulated 6.5kg two-part UV stable resin binder or the bigger 7.5kg kit.

diy resin bound kits

There are different kits available, each with its unique components. It is very important that you seek expert guidance to provide you with the correct kit for your property’s needs. The DIY resin driveway kit can be used for installing various resin driveway surfacing ideas including driveways, patios, pathways, car parks, terraces, etc.

When installed correctly, the finish you get is not only attractive but also durable, hardwearing, requiring minimal maintenance to keep it in top shape. Also, resin bound driveway kits will produce a permeable surface while non-permeable surfaces can be installed using the resin bonded driveway kit.

It is worth mentioning that there are two kinds of polyurethane resin for driveways-

  • Aromatic resin (non-UV stable) and

  • Aliphatic resin (UV-stable)

The use of a UV-stable resin for the installation will guarantee no colour fading or discolouration even when exposed to sunlight or other harsh weather conditions. The same cannot be said of the non-UV resistant resin which does not withstand unfavourable climatic conditions.

Contents of the DIY Resin Bound Kits

The contents of the DIY resin bound kits are designed to be mixed using a paddle and a drill. The major components of a resin bound kit are;

  • The resin

  • The aggregate stones.

Other components include a bag of an activator and a bag of sand.

UV Stable Resin

  • 1 x 3.5kg UV Stable Resin

  • 1 x 3.5kg Activator

  • 4 x 25kg Bag of dried decorative aggregates

  • 1 x 7 kg Bag of Sand

  • These aggregate stones have already been specially washed, graded by their sizes and dried ready for use for a resin surfacing installation.

  • The resin consists of two parts, the Part A and Part B which will be mixed together.

You can have a kit with a fully blended range of aggregate sizes from 0.4mm to 6mm which are ideal for driveways since they are strong enough to withstand vehicular traffic. These aggregates are then mixed with the resin, and applied on the driveway using a steel trowel.

Alternatively, you can have unblended 25kg bags of washed and dried aggregates. This will also be combined with resin in the same way but these ones may not be ideal for a driveway, but for pathways and patios. These kits are commonly referred to as DIY resin pathways and resin patio kits.

Coverage Area of Resin Bound Driveway Kit

With the above-mentioned contents, a single resin bound kit should ideally have the coverage rates as outlined below-

  • At 12mm thickness- 5m2 (ideal for resin pathways and resin patios)

  • At 15mm thickness- 4m2 (ideal for light traffic resin driveways)

  • At 18mm thickness- 3m2 (ideal for heavy traffic resin driveways)

If on the other hand, your kit contains only one bag of aggregate, then your coverage rate will be 1.25m2 at 12mm, 1m2 at 15mm and 0.75m2 at 18mm.

Resin and Aggregate

Below are some unique aggregate stones which you can find in different resin bound gravel kits. If you need advice to make a choice on unique colour combinations, simply reach out and our experts will be on hand to assist you make some magic on your property.

resin driveway kits
resin driveway kits

Why Choose Our Kits?

There are many reasons why you should choose our resin bound kits.

  • One being that our kits come with naturally and recycled eco-friendly components meaning that they are not harmful to the environment.

  • They are also very durable and will last decades when maintained properly

  • Our kits contain only UV-stable resin and are therefore resistant to unfavourable weather conditions.

  • These resins are also more flexible, reducing the likelihood of cracks appearing on your driveway. The surface of our finished driveways is smooth with no loose gravels making them ideal for a variety of purposes.

  • Despite having a smooth surface, our kits produce driveways that have enough grip thanks to their slip resistance even in sloped areas which is needed especially in rainy conditions.

  • Additionally, our aggregates come in a wide range of colours, textures and sizes. More than one aggregate type can also be expertly blended to give you a truly bespoke design. You just cannot go wrong with our resin bound driveway kits.

  • Furthermore, our kits are resistant to weed and moss growth keeping your driveway look clean and tidy and reducing your cleaning time.

  • Cleaning a finished driveway installed with our kits is very easy and simple. A stiff broom is just enough to get rid of dirt and debris while an occasional power wash is also recommended to prevent build-up of dirt.

  • With our kits you can install a permeable resin surfacing whether a driveway, a patio, pathway or carpark. And because they are permeable - SUDs compliant - you do not have to worry about an alternative drainage channel. You will not have any worries about flash flooding even after heavy rainfall.

  • It is simple and easy to install a resin bound surface using our kits. We provide you with all the guidelines you need and a demonstration video if you wish to carry out the project by yourself. Your installation can be ready to be walked upon in 6-12 hours while cars can be driven upon them after 24 hours.

  • Our resins are manufactured in the UK to the highest industry standards while our aggregate stones are sourced from the best places in Europe and the UK.

  • Our kits are cost effective. They are also very economical, giving you good value for money in the long run. Because they are durable, you save money and resources that would have gone into repairs or maintenance.

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Driveway Resin Kit - Installation Guide

To use our resin drive kits, first you should be someone who is comfortable with DIY projects. You should also be able to follow the installation guide meticulously.

  • Firstly, prepare the existing driveway surface. If the existing surface is not suitable as a base for the new driveway, then you have to carry out a site evacuation.

  • After that, you will lay the hard-core base followed by the geo-textile membrane and the sand bedding layer and then the sub base of either concrete or tarmac.

  • If the existing surface is suitable enough, then you prime the surface (for concrete surfaces) to get rid of impurities and to ensure adhesion between the resin mixture and the existing surface.

  • Prepare the edging and follow the manufacturer's instructions to mix the resin and aggregate.

  • The aggregate stones should first be mixed separately and rid of excess dust. Also ensure that the aggregates are dry. Therefore, for best results, store your resin driveway kits in a clean and dry environment.

  • We advise that you use a forced action mixer for mixing the aggregates and resin. A concrete mixer will not give a consistent and uniform mixture. Some parts of the stones may also be left uncoated.

  • Also, do not over mix. Your mixing time should be a maximum of 4 minutes.

  • Pour out the mix into a rubber wheelbarrow and take it to the driveway area.

  • Pour out the mix in manageable quantities and use a clean trowel to manipulate appropriately, creating a smooth surface finish.

  • After you are done, allow the set up to dry

resin path kit

Please note that carrying out a resin bound surfacing installation on a rainy day or when it is likely that it will rain is tantamount to setting yourself up for a low quality installation. Preferably, lay your drive, patio or pathway during the dry summer months.

Furthermore, it is recommended that you have at least 10% extra materials to cover for any issues that may come up.

You can rest assured that our projects at Youresindriveway are carried out with the best resin driveway kits and products you can find. Our experienced installers also stick to global best practices, employing modern technologies, for installations done to the highest standard.

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At YourResinDriveway, excellence is our watchword and you can trust us to deliver on our promise to give you high quality, durable and eye-catching resin driveways.

With over 30 years’ experience in the installation industry, you can be sure of the best workmanship from our experienced installers. We pride ourselves as being one of UK leading names in resin surfacing including resin driveways, patios, pathways, car parks and so much more.

Get in touch via our helplines to have a chat about your upcoming project or simply request a free quote. We are your sure bet to getting the best quality resin bound installations for your home.

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