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What bases can be used for Resin Bound Systems?

June 19, 2023
Resin Driveway Sub base

Suitable Resin Driveway Sub base

Not all bases are suitable for installation of a resin bound driveway. In fact, you cannot lay a resin bound system unto an MOT type 1 subbase such as block paving, brick paving or flags.

It is also worth mentioning that you cannot lay a resin bound solution on grass or soil no matter how compact it may seem, hardcore or any granular sub-base.

What then are the ideal sub-bases for resin?

You can install your resin bound gravel on a type 3 sub base or a suitable permeable sub base. These surfaces include;

  • Concrete

  • Tarmac

  • Grid systems


Before installing on a concrete base, you should clean and prime the surface using a polymer primer. This will ensure adhesion of both surfaces else your installation will fail.

In other words, adding a primer helps to prevent delamination between the resin-bound surface and the concrete surface.

Furthermore, the primer creates a barrier between resin and concrete surface so that the concrete doesn’t absorb resin out of the aggregates in the mix. This is particularly important if the concrete is newly set.

A newly set concrete will require about a week to cure completely, sometimes even longer. If you fail to wait for the curing process to be complete before initiating a resin bound installation, the resin will not adhere to the concrete.

The concrete base is a solid, durable base with low maintenance requirements. It can however be made to be permeable but usually it is not. You have two options- installing a special type of concrete which will let water pass through or place vertical piping during the installation which will allow water to drain, but will not automatically make the solution SUDS compliant. Ensure that your concrete is laid at a depth of not less than 80mm.

Resin Driveway Sub base


Another very suitable base upon which resin bound systems can be laid onto is the tarmac. First ensure that the tarmac is laid on a suitable sub base, usually MOT type 3. This will provide it with the required depth to support the resin driveway expected weight of use.

Tarmac is very easy to install, reliable and very durable. An added advantage is that tarmac is generally permeable and therefore SUDS compliant. Not only is it a popular choice, but it is also cost effective. They also withstand high temperatures to avoid softening, development of cracks or sinking of the driveway.

However, if the tarmac is newly laid directly on a subbase, you may have to wait up to two weeks for curing to be completed.

The tarmac bases should be 50-70mm and we recommend that you go for tarmac with a pen rating of between 100 and 150.

Grid systems:

The other option you have if you do not want a concrete or tarmac base is to use the grid systems. This is typically a recycled plastic structure which is particularly designed to bear heavy loads. This includes such vehicular and foot traffic.

The grid installation is both easy to install and can be used for a resin driveway surface. It is important that you have an MOT Type 3 sub-base, with geotextile membrane spread in between. You will also need to fill the sub-base with fresh stones as grids alone will not protect your resin bound installation. The stones should be tightly compacted and completely clean,

A very popular grid system is the EcoGrid which is known to make a permeable base. One advantage here is that unlike concrete or tarmac, you do not need to wait for the surface to cure before laying your resin bound driveway.

How much Sub Base do i need?

When installing resin over a concrete surface, the driveway sub base depth should be about 80mm minimum while that of tarmac should be minimum of 50mm.

Reach out to Experts

The success or failure of your resin bound system depends on your base. Therefore, it must be done accurately.

To enjoy the benefits of a resin bound system, it is important that you hire professional installers. A wrong installation could mean that your driveway will be crack prone, non-weed resistant or become faded in no distant time.

You can contact us for your next resin driveway project. Call our lines to speak with an expert or request a free quote!

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