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How Does A Resin Driveway Increase The Value Of Your Home?

April 18, 2023

Before you sell your home, you want to keep it in good condition. Having a property that catches the eye at first glance is important to agreeing to a deal. As it is said, first impressions matter. Having a good resin driveway could be the big step towards making the sale you want and at the amount you desire to sell it. The first thing potential buyers will see when they come to your property is the outside of your home and your driveway is an integral part of it. Having an elegant resin driveway is a fantastic way to make a lasting impression on potential buyers.

resin driveway value

Your driveway will make a significant difference to the appearance of your property and by itself increases the price someone has to pay to acquire the property.

Provides Space and Convenience

With the increase in population and number of cars, there aren't enough safe parking spaces for cars in various properties. People have no option but to part their vehicles off the road. This we know isn’t safe nor is it secure.

Having a home with a driveway and parking space becomes an essential need. Potential buyers would readily jump at a property that has a guaranteed parking space which saves you the trouble of off-road parking.

Of course, a house with a driveway and parking space will not come at the same price as one that doesn’t have these features. Therefore, the space and convenience a driveway provides adds value to your home and makes it safe for families with young children, elderly persons or people with disability.

It is An Investment

Having a driveway in your home is a sort of investment in your property that will yield benefits in the short to medium term. Just as we have pointed out, having such an essential factor in your property might just be the deal breaker and help you sell even faster even at a much higher price.

Therefore, investing in a resin driveway can be just what you need to up the value of your home and strike that deal you have always wanted. It pays to have a resin driveway in your property.

Reduces The Risk Of Car Theft and Vandalism

With a resin driveway, you do not only have a parking space for your vehicles, but you also add an extra layer of security.

Having a car parked off the road makes it easy for thieves to steal or vandalise the car but this is not so for a car parked near the property in its driveway. Having your car parked near your property can put off car thieves and this is even more advantageous if you are living in a busy area.

Minimised Insurance Costs

Having a resin driveway can have an effect on the cost of your insurance policy. When you go to get an insurance policy for your car, the insurance providers will like to know where you live and where you park your car during the day and also overnight.

If your car is parked on the driveway or close to your home, you are most likely to get a cheaper car insurance quote. However, if the reverse is the case and your car is parked off the road and in an area with a high crime rate, you may be charged a higher premium. This is simply because it is more likely that your car will be stolen or vandalised when parked on the street than when parked in your driveway.

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How Much Value Can My Resin Driveway Add To My Home?

Having known this, let us see how much increase in value your driveway can bring to your home. Now, there are several factors that will play a part in determining how much value your driveway can add to your property;

These include;

  • The geographical location of your home

  • Size of your driveway- having a better and more extensive driveway increases a property value much more than smaller driveway

  • Condition of the driveway- if the driveway is functional, maintained appropriately and installed by professionals, it leaves a greater impression on potential buyers and increases the value of the property even more. However, note that a beautiful well-maintained driveway may not add so much value to a cheap house.

With this in mind, resin driveways can add between 5% to 10% to the value of your home. Typically, developers add about 5% to a property with a driveway and parking space. This means that for a house worth £400,000, your driveway could add an additional £20,000.

Do You Have A Resin Project Coming Up?

Reach out to qualified professional resin drive installers for stunning, durable, aesthetically pleasing and fully permeable resin driveways.

Our resin bound driveway solutions are installed with UV resistant resins to guarantee colour stability and no discolouration even in harsh weather conditions. Our resin driveways are SUDS compliant thanks to its surface porosity which allows water to drain easily away from the driveway.

With a resin driveway, the limit to what you can create is your imagination. There are so many driveway ideas from which you can choose for your next project. We also handle repairs and upgrades of already existing driveways whether you want to sell or you just want to transform your outdoor space.

Contact us 0808 273 7505 or fill out our online enquiry form to get a free quote for your driveway project.

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