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What should I do to Repair my Resin Driveway Cracks?

June 12, 2023

There are a plethora of reasons why homeowners, businesses and estate developers are increasingly drawn to resin driveway for the transformation, upgrade, beautification of their outdoor spaces and other home improvement needs.

Resin driveways which come in two types –resin bonded and resin bound have low maintenance requirements, come in a wide range of colours and styles and are very durable. In addition to being very aesthetically pleasing, resin bound driveways have a porous surface which allows water to drain through without forming puddles on the surface. The permeability of resin bound driveways is an essential SUDS requirement which makes them more environmentally friendly. More so, their surfaces are flexible and therefore crack resistant.

However, cracks can appear on a resin bound surface and may pose quite a challenge to repair. In this article we will help you understand why cracks may appear and what to do when they show up on your resin drive surface.

resin drive repairs

Why cracks appear on Resin Bound Surfaces?

Some of the reasons why cracks form on a resin bound surface are poor installation from inexperienced installers and unfavourable weather conditions.

  • The chief reason however is poor installation. When the installation of your resin drive is not properly done, it can cause cracks to appear. For instance, if the ratios of the aggregates to resin are incorrect, or the sub-base isn’t suitable for the resin drive, the drive will fail. You will experience swelling, caving in and cracks on your driveway. It is important that the resin and aggregates are mixed in the right proportion to avoid issues like cracks. Failure to fix these cracks early enough can cause weeds to grow and subsequently lead to expansion of the cracks causing further problems on your driveway.

The importance of having a reputable company with professional installers and craftsmen to handle your installation is too significant to overlook. At YourResinDriveway, we work with expert installers who are able to give you the best so that your resin driveway will last decades without posing problems to you.

  • Another reason why your resin driveway may crack is when you use a metal shovel to get rid of heavy snow in the winter season. Continuous use of metal shovels on your driveway can create cracks over time. This is why we recommend using a plastic shovel for snow removal.

Reflective Cracking in Resin Bound Driveways

This is a type of crack that appears when the base layer begins to crack then causes cracks to appear on the outer surface. These cracks which are now visible will follow the exact pattern of the cracks in the sub-base. This is how it obtains its name- reflective cracking.

Additionally, you can have cracks at the joint where a new base layer meets an already existing base layer. This is commonly noticed when an existing driveway is being expanded. It is called joint reflection cracking.

Preventing cracks on your Driveway

It is always better, more convenient and cost effective to prevent an issue rather than repair or fix it.

  • First things first, ensure that your sub-base is solid and able to carry the intended load of the driveway to be installed.

  • If you are looking to expand or extend your driveway, use a reinforcement system to prevent crack formation.

  • Reach out to an expert to look at your driveway and proffer expert solutions to avoid cracks. For instance, we have a specially formulated crack reduction membrane which helps to prevent reflective cracks and also ensures that even with the difference in thermal expansion of a tarmac (sub-base) and the resin driveway, there will not be cracks.

Resin Bound aggregate

Carrying out Resin Drive Repairs

If you notice a crack on your driveway, please act fast as they can be very risky. Also, when allowed to continue to expand, they can be a lot more difficult and costlier to fix.

  • To fix cracks you can apply a sealer on the driveway surface. We have in stock a special resin bound binder which we mix with white spirit to create a high strength resin sealer. This sealer is best applied when the damage is not yet significant. It will not only help to prevent further cracks but will also strengthen the driveway. However, if the structural integrity of the system has been compromised, then the seal will do little or nothing.

  • Alternatively, you can chisel out the cracked area and form a rough edge from the stones. Ensure that the matrix of the stones is left intact. Then make a fresh mix of resin bound stone of the same colour and pack it tightly into the gap created. Ensure that you use a plastic trowel for the exercise. If the process is done properly, the new mix will bled with the existing drive and form a seamless surface. It will also last for many years.

Reach out to Experts

It is always important that you reach out to a reputable company to carry out your resin driveway installation. When your driveway is properly installed, the chances of issues such as cracks are greatly minimised.

However, if you already have a cracked resin surface, you can always reach out to YourResinDriveway for professional resin drive repairs. We have specially formulated products which can be used for the repair of different resin bound surfaces.

Our driveway installers are well trained and highly skilled. Should you have any questions, reach out to us via our helplines or fill out our free online forms.

You can also request a free quote for your next resin bound driveway, patio or pathway project.

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