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Can You Mix Resin Bound Gravel In A Cement Mixer?

May 30, 2023

For a lasting resin bound gravel installation, your resin must be mixed properly with the desired aggregate stones. If your resin is not well mixed, and in appropriate proportions, your driveway will fail and not last as long as it should.

Similarly, if your resin is not well mixed with the aggregate stones, the finished installation will most likely swell, crack or sink over time. It is therefore important that the mixing procedure is properly done to ensure longevity of the driveway.

Mixing Resin Bound Gravel

Resin should be mixed properly to ensure that the mix is consistent and there are no dry spots, uneven mixes or pooling of the resin within the drum. It is safe to say that the success of your driveway to a large extent depends on how well the resin mixing was done.

Oftentimes, we have seen clients who have been told to use cement or concrete mixers to mix their resin and aggregate stones. They are made to believe that it can do the job of mixing very efficiently.

However, concrete or cement mixers are not ideal for a resin bound gravel project. When you use a cement mixer, you will have an inconsistent mix which will be difficult to trowel. This means that your driveway finish will be poor and you may not be able to lay certain areas to the correct depth. This will most likely lead to erosion.

Therefore, cement mixers are not ideal for mixing resin bound gravel as they can pose challenges which will affect the appearance, aesthetics and durability of the installation. We do not recommend that you use a cement mixer for your resin driveway project.

What Is The Right Mixer For A Resin Bound Gravel?

Instead of using a cement mixer for your resin bound project, you should use a forced action mixer. The Baron forced action mixer is well recommended by professionals in the resin bound installation industry. These mixers have been specially made to mix resin and gravel and ensure that they are consistent.

There are different models of the Baron Forced Action Mixer which includes the E120, F200 and F120 models.

Here are some of the benefits of using a forced action mixer for your resin bound installation

  • It has an increased mixing capacity of up to 110 litres.

  • There is improved safety and ease of usage since the mixer has no sharp edges.

  • A forced action mixer is very strong, durable and efficient thanks to the fact that its frame is welded.

  • In order to improve removal of the mix from the mixer, the forced action mixer has an extra safety pan

  • There is an emergency stop button which is easily accessible if you need to stop the machine urgently.

  • You have an option of heavy-duty steel blades as well as the rubber blades.

  • Cleaning and maintenance of the mixer is easy

  • Its spare parts and other accessories are readily available

  • The force action mixer is very durable and has a long service life

  • Should you need help operating the machine, there are experts available to give you technical support

If you need more information on forced action mixers, or you have other enquiries, do not fail to reach out to us via our helplines. Our team of professional installers are always available to provide answers and respond to your queries.

Can I lay my own DIY resin?

You can undertake your resin bound gravel installation as a DIY project. It is easy and fast. However, for a more professional touch and to get the best out of your outdoor space, we recommend that you have an expert to carry out the installation.

If you would like us to undertake your installation, our helplines are displayed here for you.

Remember that a well-mixed resin and aggregate stone is key to a successful, durable and appealing resin bound gravel surface finish. Never compromise by opting for a cement mixer, no matter how you’re being persuaded that they are both similar in function. This may spell doom for your project. Always insist on using a forced action mixer for all resin driveway installations.

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