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How Long Does a Resin Bound Driveway Last?

June 22, 2022

People opt for resin bound driveways for various reasons including its versatility, ease of installation, ability to be customized or personalized, aesthetics, economical value as well as its resistance to cracks, frost and harsh weather conditions. It is also very permeable and so will not leave water puddles on the driveway surface.

Additionally, you save the money and time you would have put into the construction of an additional drainage channel since resin bound systems are SUDS compliant.

But one other very important factor that also sees people such as homeowners or real estate developers opt for the resin bound system is its hardwearing and durability. Everyone wants good value for their money and will not want to install a driveway that will not last. This is definitely why there has been a surge in the demand for resin bound driveways in recent years. And with the need to make exceptional bespoke designs for everyone, many homeowners and real estate developers have made resin bound system their priority.

The process of compounding the aggregate stones and the resin to create a uniform mix can be attributed as having a huge role in their longevity. The mixture of the aggregate stones and the resin material in the right proportion creates a strong, smooth and durable driveway.

Do Resin Bound Driveways Last?

When done properly, resin bound systems can last for more than 20 years and this is much more than other paving solutions in the industry.

However, how long a resin bound driveway will last can also be determined by various other factors.

Of course, we know that opting for the best driveway installers, the best resin material and aggregate size/type is also key to keeping a resin, patio or pathway in the best condition for a long time to come.

So here are a number of factors which will help the durability of your resin bound paving:

  • Get The Best Resin Bound System Installer

  • Getting the best professionals in the industry is undoubtedly key to getting the best out of your driveway and ensuring that it stands the test of time.

    You may get the best materials such as the right resin and right aggregate stone size but if there is poor workmanship, it will also fail.

    Yourresindriveway is a leading sustainable driveway firm across the UK known for giving clients bespoke resin bound systems for their driveways, patios, pathways and lots more.

    With an expert handling your project, you can be guaranteed a durable resin bound paving.

  • Make Use Of The Right Type Of Resin

  • Using the right type of resin will help your paving last longer. You may want to go for a darker stone for a darker finish or a light coloured stone for an aesthetically attractive lighter resin finish. Whichever one you go for, it is ideal you choose a resin that offers UV protection so that the driveway is not easily damaged by UV rays from the sun. This will ultimately make it last longer.

  • Use The Correct Aggregate Stone Size For Proper Drainage

  • The drainage system of your property is very important and the stone aggregate used will have a huge impact on the ability of water to drain easily or not from the surface. This will also have an impact on how long the driveway will last.

    For instance, for adequate surface runoff, the ideal stone size should be between 6mm and 10mm. When the right stone size is used, it helps the surface to be permeable which will help the resin bound system to withstand harsh climatic conditions.

  • Proper Maintenance

  • Regular cleaning of a resin bound surface is important to make the project last as many years as anticipated. Without a proper aftercare, the driveway or patio or pathway will not last as long as it should.

    It is imperative that users keep their driveways in tip-top condition to increase its longevity.

    Maintaining a resin driveway is not tasking. It requires low cost maintenance when compared to other paving types. It may need regular sweeping or brushing of the surface to remove debris, brush away pesky plants and weeds.

    Steps to Take Care Of Your Resin Bound Driveway to Increase Its Longevity

    • Avoid using chemical cleaning agents : Do not use chemical cleaners as this may end up causing more harm to the resin surface.
    • Utilize a plastic snow shovel : Use salt and grit on the resin surface to get rid of snow and ice impurities. Mechanically, a plastic snow shovel can be used for snow removal. Please do not use a metal snow shovel.
    • A light water pressuring recommended : Use water and soap and gentle washes to get rid of any dirt. It doesn’t have to be so hard since the resin material is stain resistant. A light pressure wash can also be used to keep the surface looking immaculate.
    • Utilize a brush to eliminate dirt : You can also use a brush to remove rubbish, leaves, weeds and moss.
    • Never use boiling water : Do not use boiling water on the resin surface as it can dissolve the resin creating holes.
    • Use soap and water for oil spills : Try as much as possible to avoid oil spills. If there are any spills, try as much as possible to get rid of them with soap and water as quickly as possible. You may also use a degreasing agent for large oil spills. However, this should be tested in a small area away from the main driveway or patio to ensure it is good for use and will not cause any harm to the resin surface.
    • Light pressure wash for Tyre spots : For Tyre marks, you can use a household cleaner liquid soap followed by a light pressure wash.

    Why Find us?

    Yourresindriveway is a trusted name in the resin bound paving industry with over 30years of experience. Our Resin Driveways UK offices are located in various areas which you can locate easily. We have our Resin Bound Driveways Manchester office to serve clients in the Capital as well as in Glasgow and Southampton. We can give you a no obligation quote if you wish to know how much your resin bound system will likely cost you.

    Reach out to us today to get the best installation from the best professionals and add that exquisite touch of class to your home.

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