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How Long Do Resin Driveways Last?

June 22, 2022

When you make a decision to install a new driveway, the cost of installation and how long it is going to last is always top on the list of things to consider. At the end of the day, it's about getting your money's worth and ensuring your investment stands strong over time. This is why, even though resin driveways may be pricier than options like gravel, block paving, or tarmac, they remain a preferred choice due to their durability as a surfacing option.

But before we explore how long resin driveways last, here’s a brief overview:

Resin Bound Driveway Overview

A resin bound driveway is a resin surfacing system made by mixing resin with aggregate stones, sand and gravel. This mixture is mixed in a forced action mixer to form a uniform mix which is then trowelled to form a smooth, durable, permeable, flat, flexible and beautiful surface.

By being permeable, you do not need a planning permission to install a resin bound surface as you would have needed if you were installing a resin bonded surface or concrete surface.

Resin bound driveways are slip resistant, crack resistant and are also able to withstand harsh weather conditions including freeze and thaw cycles making them a very durable choice.


So What Makes Resin Bound Driveways the Best Option?

Resin bound driveways come with so many benefits which make them the stand out driveway system in the UK and beyond.

The following are reasons why you should install a resin driveway;

  • They are quick and easy to install especially when installed on an existing suitable surface.

  • They are very versatile and can fit into a variety of homes both traditional and contemporary, residential and commercial buildings.

  • Resin driveways are visually appealing and aesthetic.

  • They bring transformation to the property.

  • They are a very profitable investment as they increase the value of a property.

  • Resin driveways are very durable and long lasting

  • They have a low maintenance requirement.

  • They are cost effective and give you good value for money

  • Resin bound driveways have porous surfaces which make them permeable and SUDS compliant. Thus, you do not need a planning permission to install a resin drive.

  • Installing a resin bound gravel saves you the headache of puddles, flash flooding and keeps the environment cleaner and fresher.

  • Resin bound driveways are resistant to cracks and form a uniform smooth surface, so you do not have to worry about loose stones as it is with the resin bonded type and gravel driveways.

  • When installed with a UV stable resin, they are colour stable and do not discolour on exposure to sunlight and harsh weather conditions.

  • They come in a wide range of colours and designs. Aggregate stones can also be expertly blended to create unique and bespoke installations according to the needs of the homeowner.

Having known why you should install a resin driveway, let us consider how long these driveways last after installation and factors that can affect the longevity of your drive.

Lifespan of Resin Driveways: How Long Do They Typically Last?

This is a common question among many homeowners and real estate developers. No one wants to invest in an installation that will not last or will constantly require maintenance to keep in top condition.

In this section, we will consider factors that affect how long a resin driveway will last and also give you helpful tips to ensure the longevity of your drive.

Ideally, a resin bound driveway will last between 15 to 20 years and some even up to 25 years as long as they were well installed and properly maintained. Most driveway installation companies give between 15 to 20 year guarantees on their resin bound installations.

As earlier mentioned, resin bound driveways require minimal maintenance. Since there are no loose stones and it is crack resistant, you only need surface brushing and occasional power wash to keep the driveway in good condition.

Also, weeds hardly grow on resin bound surfaces which also eliminates the issue of battling with weeds. However, you may experience moss and algae growth especially under your parked car (if it is left stationary for a considerable period of time). Therefore, we recommend that you regularly change the location of your parked car.

Reasons Why Resin Driveways Are Durable

There are different reasons why resin driveways last long.

One reason being the installation process. Resin driveways are installed in layers and the finished product is a flexible surface which means it is resistant to cracks and can withstand different climatic conditions. Furthermore, the flexibility of resin bound driveways enables them to survive freeze and thaw cycles.

Additionally, the surface is porous and so allows water to drain through the surface. This aids durability because there are no water puddles formed on the surface of the driveway which will cause the driveway to have cracks and potholes.

Another reason they last long is the type of resin used in the installation. UV stable resins remain colour stable even on exposure to sunlight, thus maintaining the beauty of the drive.

how long resin driveways last

How To Increase The Durability Of Your Resin Driveway?

Here are some of the measures you can take to ensure that your driveway stands the test of time.

  • Get The Best Driveway Installers:

    Hiring professional installers for your driveway project is very crucial to the success of your installation. It is not enough that you have the right materials for the job. If your installers do not know their onion, they will not give you the best of installations.

    Therefore, it is important that you reach out to a reputable and licensed company to handle your project.

    Here at YourResinDriveway, we have expert installers who are well trained and will ensure that you get a quality job that will stand the test of time. We offer you a 15-year guarantee on all our resin driveway installations.

  • Install Only With Quality Materials:

    The chances that your driveway will be very durable increases exponentially if the installation is done with high quality materials. While choosing the best materials may incur more costs, it will save you a lot of money on maintenance in the long run.

    For instance, opting for a UV resistant resin over a non-UV resistant resin ensures that your driveway doesn’t discolour or fade in the near future.

  • Carry Out Periodic Maintenance:

    That resin bound driveways do not require so much maintenance does not mean that they do not need to be maintained at all. In fact they do, but it is something that can be handled with ease.

    Here are some maintenance tips you need to keep your driveway in top shape:

    1. Regular Brushing

      Resin bound driveways are resistant to the growth of weeds. Therefore, regular brushing of the driveway surface with a stiff broom will rid the surface of rubbish, leaves, pesky plants, weed seeds, and help to prevent moss growth.

    2. Jet Washing

      To keep your driveway in top condition, you should also consider carrying out a power wash of the surface at least twice a year. This will prevent a buildup of dirt. You can always call on professionals to do the jet wash for best results. Jet wash should be done at a rating of 150 bar with the nozzle 200mm away from the driveway surface.

Other Tips To Keep Your Driveway In Top Shape

  • Do not use chemical cleaners on your driveway as they may cause harm to the surface of your driveway. For fuel and oil spills, you can instead use water and detergent to clean the driveway surface.

  • For tyre marks, tamp the surface with a cloth soaked with white spirit and then use a household cleaner liquid soap used for washing dishes, followed by a light pressure. Very importantly, do not turn your steering wheel while the vehicle is stationary. This will prevent tyre marks from appearing on your driveway.

  • You may experience algae and moss especially in shaded, damp areas. If this happens, a solution of bleach and a light power wash will take care of it.

  • To get rid of snow and ice on your driveway surface, you can use salt to melt the ice and then remove the snow using a plastic snow shovel. Using a metallic snow shovel may damage your gravel resin driveway surface.

Need An Expert Installer for Your Driveway Project?

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We look forward to hearing from you.

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