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How Long Does Resin Driveway Take to Dry?

April 11, 2023

If you are looking to install a resin driveway. You need all the information you can get about it. In this guide, we will briefly look at how long it takes for a resin driveway to dry.

Resin driveways are becoming an increasingly popular option from homeowners and real estate developers to bring elegance and transformation to any property. Asides its aesthetic charm and unrivalled visual appeal, resin driveways are durable, easy to maintain, easy to install and increases the overall value of a property especially if you are investing to sell the property later.

There are two types of resin driveways which are the resin bound and resin bonded driveway. The resin bonded type involves scattering a layer of aggregate stones on a layer of resin poured on a suitable sub base. This forms a textured surface with some part of the stones exposed to the surface. The surface provides an excellent grip for cars but is not permeable meaning that water cannot drain through the surface.

On the other hand, the resin bound type involves thoroughly mixing the resin and the desired stones in a forced action mixer and then pouring the mix on a suitable sub base to provide a smooth, seamless, flexible, anti-slip, crack resistant and permeable surface.

How Long does Resin Driveway take to Dry

Laying a resin driveway is simple and easy. It can be undertaken as a DIY project. However, it has to be done rightly for best results and this means that the ground temperature has to be considered because it determines how much time it will take for the drive to cure properly.

When the resin driveway is not allowed to dry properly before usage, it will destroy the resin surface even faster. Resin bound gravel driveways are known to withstand adverse temperature range. When installed on a sunny day in the hot summer weather, they will dry faster as opposed to when they are installed in the cold winter months.

Actually, the best conditions for installing your driveway are a dry and mild cloudy day such as in late spring, summer or early autumn. During these times, there is no possibility of having rainfall with the temperature around 12-18oC. Under these weather conditions, the screed will have a pot life of 20-30 minutes for a non-UV resin while that of a UV resin is between 30-40 minutes.

Ground temperatures are usually hotter than the atmospheric temperature. This is why you may have a ground temperature of above 40oC even when the atmospheric temperature is about 25oC. If you are going to install your driveway on a very hot sunny day, the resin may cure faster than usual which is not ideal. So we advise that resin materials be stored in a relatively cool and shaded place before laying on hot days to help stabilise curing times.

On A Hot Day…

First, installing a resin driveway isn’t difficult and can be completed within a day or two for an average driveway. When you install your driveway in the peak of the summer, you can have your resin driveway cured and ready to use within 6-12 hours. However, we recommend that you allow at least 24 hours before using cars on it to prevent any chance of damaging the resin surface.

In Cold Weather…

On the other hand, if you are laying resin driveway, resin pathways or patio resin in cold weather, curing times will be much longer and may take more than 48 hours to cure completely. Because of the possibility of blooming through damp ingress, we recommend that the temperature be at least above 5oC at the time of installation.

Furthermore, because the drive will most likely not be totally cured during the first night, it is good that you keep tabs on the overnight temperatures. Ensure that any uncured surface is protected from damage. Use appropriate barriers, cones, tapes and signages to keep the area off use until it is fully dry.

Find out more about the Driveway Project?

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