An Ultimate Guide on Resin Patios

July 11, 2022

Concept of Resin Patios

With the use of resin gaining an increasing popularity, new ways of using resin to beautify the outdoor space have also emerged and one of them is using resin for patios.

A resin patio is made using natural stone aggregates mixed with resin to create a patio space for buildings both residential and commercial.

Before now, paved patios were widely used in the UK and not only do they need extensive cleaning and good amount of sunlight to dry the surface before they can be used for some relaxation or recreation, their surfaces are not permeable and so does not allow water to soak into the ground.

The implication of this is that paved patios are not SUDS compliant and will need approval from the UK planning authority before they can be approved. Furthermore, homeowners will either have to build a supplementary drainage system or connect to the local sewage channels. This has also become a source of concern as it overwhelms the drainage system.

On the other hand, with a resin bound system, you do not have to worry about all these. Not only are resin patios SUDS compliant having permeable surfaces that allow water to drain through, they are visually appealing and very durable adding immense beauty and elegance to the environment.

They also require very minimal maintenance procedures to keep them in good condition. Resin patios courtesy of the wide variety of aggregates available for use, comes in diverse colours, designs, patterns and so everyone will surely have what will suit him best unlike with other flooring systems.

Additionally, you can personalize your patio by adding logos, motifs or other inscriptions as you please. There are no limits to the number of resin patio designs available.

With resin patios, you do not have to worry about your patio dipping or swelling as a result of accumulated water. Also, their smooth surface means that they do not scuff while also being resistant to weeds and moss.

And if the right resins are used in the installation, you can be sure that the color of your patio will not change nor fade for a long period due to the UV resistant nature of the material used in the installation.

It is therefore easy to see why resin patios are becoming the favorite of many homeowners and real estate developers.

Advantages of Resin Patios

The following and much more are why you should consider installing a resin patio for your outdoor space;

Fast And Easy Installation

Resin patios like every other resin bound system are faster and easier to install than other flooring ideas such as paving or decking. Your patio can be laid within a day and ready for use after a few hours.

Durability And Hard Wearing

Resin patios along with other resin bound systems such as resin bound gravel and resin driveways can last over 20years when maintained properly and used for their actual purpose. Resin patios are known for their hard wearing and durable quality.


Resin patios are the ideal flooring for ramps used by bicycles, scooters, buggies, pushchairs and wheelchairs making them very accessible to anyone and for various uses.

Minimal Maintenance

Unlike the traditional paved surfaces, resin patios do not require a lot to keep them clean. Only a hard brush can be used to get rid of weeds, moss or other debris on the surface. You can also use a pressure wash occasionally to keep it in tip top condition.

Colour Stability

Resin patios are resistant to discoloration and fading especially when the resin used is UV stable. This of course ensures that your patio continues to look elegant even after many years.

Permeable Surface

Resin patios have a porous surface which allows water to drain away from the surface and into the water bed. With a resin patio, you do not have to worry about puddles of water on the resin surface. This feature of the resin system also makes it SUDS compliant.

Smooth Surface

The resin patio surface is flat and smooth with no loose stones adding to its safety. It also has good slip resistance. Additionally, resin surfaces are less likely to swell, sink, cave in or crack when properly installed.


Resin patios can be laid on other surfaces such as tarmac, concrete, etc. as long as they are in good condition.


Resin patios are aesthetically pleasing and very attractive. They come in several unique blends, colours, textures and patterns adding elegance to the home. They can be uniquely designed to fit into the needs of the user and can also be personalized by incorporating symbols, motifs or logos.

Resin patio ideas are therefore endless and you can trust our creative installers to give you the very best.

Fits Into Any Space

A resin bound patio can fit into any space regardless of the shape and size. This is one huge advantage it has over other forms of surfacing including traditional or block paving. Resin patios can be fitted around corners, curves, angles or lines and so is a perfect way of filling an unusual space.

Resin Patio Kit

A resin patio kit contains all you need to install a new resin surface of about 1 metre² area. The aggregates are carefully selected and inspected, pre-washed and dried before packaging. Our aggregates are of the finest quality and resistant to UV rays from the sun as well as harsh weather conditions. You can therefore be sure that your resin patio will stand the test of time.

No matter the type of project or the existing features of your home, there is always the right aggregate stones for you.

Reasons why you should choose our resin patio kits;

  • They are perfectly designed and measure to complete an area of one square metre.
  • They come in a wide range of colours and aggregates.
  • They are easy and quick to Install.
  • Our materials are of the highest quality and are UV resistant.
  • You can use your patio within 12-18 hours after installation.
  • They are low maintenance resin and are impervious to the growth of weeds.
  • They are durable and eco-friendly.
  • Our resin kits are cost effective.
  • You can have an aesthetically appealing and stunning patio courtesy of our high-quality stone and the creativity of our skilled installers.
  • You do not need any planning permission as they are SUDS compliant.

Resin Patio Cost

There are several factors that come into play when deciding the cost of a resin patio. These include;

  • The location of the intended patio
  • Size of the patio to be laid out
  • The layout & shape of installation area
  • Resin requirements (UV resistant resin or Non-UV resistant resin)
  • Logistics requirements; including need to clear the land and time needed to do so, transportation of materials, labour costs, etc.
  • Edging requirement
  • Choice Of Aggregate stones And Design

The table below shows the average costs for Installing a UV stable resin overlay laid at 15mm

Area (m2) Price (per m2)
0-40 £60
40-100 £50
100+ £45

You can reach out to us by filling out our online forms for a no obligation quote with the best prices you can have.

Find Your Resin Driveway Installers Near Your Area

Yourresindriveway is a trusted name in the driveway installation industry. With over 20years worth of experience, you can expect nothing but excellence for your project.

Our resin bound systems are laid according to best standards and in line with modern technologies. Our aggregate stones are sourced from the best places in the UK and other parts of Europe. They also come in diverse sizes, colours and textures, offering you a plethora of design options to choose from.

Our resin driveway installers are experts and highly skilled in the business. We put into place all safety requirements and conduct the required testing after each installation. One thing that impacts the durability of your installation is the skill of the installers. We therefore encourage you to seek the best hands for the best resin bound installation.

We hope to hear from you soon as you look to add a touch of class to your home with a stunning resin patio.

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