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Does Resin Bound Need Drainage?

May 23, 2023

A resin bound surface refers to an installation made by combining aggregate stones together with resin to create smooth, flat, permeable and flexible surface finish.

In the installation of a resin bound system, the resin is mixed with the desired aggregate stones to create a smooth mix which is then laid on the intended driveway surface. The term resin bound is derived from the installation procedure where the stones are bound to the resin to create a smooth mix which then forms a permeable and flexible surface. When properly installed, these resin systems are very durable lasting for more than two decades while still remaining in top condition.

Resin Bound Need Drainage

Resin Bound Systems And SUDS Compliance

Owing to the installation procedure, resin bound surface is porous which means that water is able to drain through the driveway surface and into the ground. A resin bound system is fully permeable if it also has a permeable subbase such as open graded porous tarmac over a MOT type 3 subbase. In this case, we can say that the installation is SUDS compliant.

SUDS stands for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems. SUDS compliant surfaces have the ability to absorb water and direct them back into the ground without overwhelming drainage surfaces thus reducing the chances of flooding.

By being SUDS compliant, resin bound systems are also environmentally friendly. Apart from helping to curb flash flooding after heavy rainfalls, they also trap pollutants from rainwater which may affect wildlife and natural ecosystems if they go into the waterways.

Does A Resin Bound Surface Require A Drainage System?

The simple answer is no. Resin bound installations do not need an additional drainage system since they are permeable thanks to their porous surfaces.

However, if the subbase is not permeable, you may require a secondary drainage channel. In this case, you will need to obtain a UK planning permission before installing your driveway. But by having a fully permeable resin driveway, you save yourself the stress and time of going to apply and get a planning permission.

Some of the benefits of installing a resin bound system which is SUDS compliant include;

  • Help in management of flood

  • Encourages biodiversity and ecology

  • Reduction in amount of wastewater that go into treatment works

  • Serves as a pollutant filter

  • Enhances effectiveness of drainage in urban areas

  • Improves quality of air in an area

  • Saves resources that would have gone into driveway surface maintenance

Reach Out To The Experts

We have specially formulated resin bound solutions which are fully permeable and so saves you the stress of needing an additional drainage system. We have a wide variety of resin bound design ideas from which you can make your choice for your outdoor space.

You can rest assured that you will get the best when you get in touch with us via our helplines 0808 273 7505 or by filling out our free online enquiry forms to request a free quote. We are always at your beck and call to give you quality, permeable, elegant and durable resin bound solutions that will stand the test of time.

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