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Why You Should Choose Your Synthetic Surfaces With Care?

February 21, 2023

In the world of athletics both for professionals and amateurs, synthetic surfaces are becoming very common. This is not just down to looks or aesthetics, there are a lot of other features that come with synthetic surfaces that make them ideal for runners and athletes in general. They are an excellent solution for athletes who need consistent training all year round.

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In this guide, we will look at reasons why synthetic surfaces have now overtaken natural surfaces as the ideal surface for athletes.

These Man-made surfaces are level and Consistent

When running surfaces are uneven, they can be a risk of injury to the runner. For beginners, it is ideal to train them on flat surfaces as sudden changes in the elevation of the ground can tire the runner out quicker. Synthetic surfaces and MUGA pitches are ideal as they are known to be flat and follow very closely the way the ground elevates.

For this reason, they are also ideal for footpaths and school playgrounds where there will be a lot of children running about. The flatness of the surface also minimises injuries to athletes and children since it is easier to run on the surface and not fall over. Furthermore, any injury incurred will mostly be superficial thanks to the relative softness of the synthetic material.

The help athletes perform better

The artificial surface also has a special layer with shock absorption which not only protects athletes from stains and injuries, but also enhances their performance. The stable surface of an artificial turf adjusts for changes in pressure and weight. It allows athletes to keep their rhythm while training while also limiting chances of slipping or skidding.

These artificial turfs are long lasting

The tuft binding technology used in the design of synthetic surfaces makes them durable and able to withstand heavy foot traffic and rigorous training.

Concrete surfaces on the other hand are very brittle considering its toughness. Although it has the ability to absorb high compression forces, only a little force is needed to break off a section. Therefore, it is easily damaged and this is a problem when we need a durable option.

Contrastingly, synthetic surfaces and MUGA pitches are known for their longevity and ability to withstand far higher amounts of forces before breaking.

Synthetic Surfaces do not require so much to keep them in shape

You save valuable cleaning time and energy when it comes to artificial surfaces. All you require is using a stiff brush to get rid of debris on a synthetic surface.

Synthetic Surfaces Withstand harsh weather condition to stay constant

There is one major disadvantage that comes with traditional surface materials. This is the weather. Weather has a huge effect on traditional road surfaces.

During the winter, concrete and asphalt surfaces tend to swell and shrink depending on the temperature and time of the day. When this continues over time, stress fractures begin to appear on the surface and subsequently potholes. This will mean that the surface will need resurfacing.

Additionally, the presence of water and ice on the surface means that it is not ideal for running especially where the runner’s boots do not have enough grip. Consequently, they are not also ideal for parks, footpaths and school playgrounds where you have children.

Synthetic surfaces and MUGA pitches on the other hand are more resistant to concrete. They hardly change and tend to maintain their shape unless subjected to very high temperatures. This also implies that they are much safer to run on during the peak of winter and summer months.

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