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Can Resin Be Laid Over Block Paving or Flagstones?

November 14, 2022

The system of resin outdoor flooring is becoming increasingly popular for various reasons. Resin can be used for various purposes including, bound resin patio and resin bonded patio, resin pathing as well as driveway resin.

Apart from being hard wearing, durable, of low maintenance requirement, slip and crack resistant and visually appealing, resin can be laid on a number of suitable subbases which can also quicken installation. It is not only convenient but also cost-efficient. Laying resin on a suitable existing surface means that you do not need to do any groundworks which includes digging.

However, can resin be laid on all bases?

This is very important as it could determine how durable your installation will be. If the resin system is laid on a faulty subbase, it will not last long as there will be cracks, sinkage and/or swelling on the surface.

We have been asked by several clients if Resin can be laid over block paving or flagstones. In some cases, it may be possible but you may need to carry out some preparatory groundworks before you can install the resin bound surface. The existing block paving or flagstone surface has to be carefully assessed prior to installation as it may present some difficulties in the future.

Laying resin over flagstones or block paving can be a very difficult task because of the fact that they are not solid surfaces and are likely to be mobile which may potentially cause the resin bound system to crack. Furthermore, pressure washing the driveway can also undermine the integrity of the installation. This is why it is always proper to carefully assess if the sub base upon which the resin is to be laid upon is solid enough so that the installation can remain in its best possible state for many years to come.

Most times, even if the flagstones or block paving appear to be solid, you will still need to strengthen the block paving or flagstones to forestall the risk of unsightly cracks appearing over time so as to maintain the appearance and longevity of the resin surfacing.

If you go ahead to carry out the installation without adequate ground preparation, you may save money in the interim but it will cost you more overall when problems begin to arise much later.

Other surfaces you may not lay your resin bound surface on include the MOT type 1 or brick paving surface. This is also because if there is some kind of base movement, cracks will likely appear.

Can You Put Resin Over Tarmac?

There are a number of surfaces upon which a resin surface can be laid and these include tarmac and concrete.

As long as the tarmac is in suitable condition. The tarmac however has to be laid upon an appropriate sub base, usually MOT type 3, with the right depth so as to support the intended use of the driveway.

Furthermore, a resin surface can be laid upon a concrete base. However, the concrete must be thoroughly cleaned and primed with a polymer primer prior to the installation of the permeable resin paving. If a primer is not laid before the installation of the resin, the surfaces will not adhere to each other and you would have wasted your resin drive materials.

Furthermore, the primer not only glues both surfaces but also helps prevent delamination between the surface and the concrete. Additionally, it creates a barrier between the two surfaces, which prevents the concrete absorbing the resin out of the stone in the mixture. This is particularly important for a newly installed concrete.

Please note that for a newly installed concrete (on a sub-base of ideally MOT type 1), you must give a minimum of seven days before installing the resin bound surface. Sometimes, curing may take up to a month to complete. Ensure that before the resin installation, the surface is primed with a polymer-based primer.

Resin Paving Slabs

Yourresindriveway permeable resin paving slabs are Eco-friendly, lighter and more carbon neutral than the conventional concrete or block paving slabs. They are SUDs compliant and make a better alternative to the non-porous concrete slabs. Thus, water flows easily through the surface preventing puddling of water on the surface. Our resin slabs offer a greener approach as they are manufactured from recycled materials, which include hard plastics, PVC, rubbers and recycled glass.

These slabs are ideal for use in patio resin, pathway paving as well as decking. They are more aesthetic and offer a far more superior visual appeal to the traditional concrete slabs.

Resin Driveway Vs Block Paving

While resin driveways are easy and quick to install, blocks can be more difficult to work and take a lot of time as you have to lay each block one after another.

Also, there are a wide range of colour options, patterns and designs with a resin surfacing which can be used to create bespoke finishes. However, for block paving the design options are not as wide as that of resin and they fade quicker unlike resin driveways which are more durable and do not discolour especially when UV stable resins are used.

Resin bound driveways are resistant to weed growth which leaves you with a low maintenance driveway. Block paving on the other hand has many gaps through which weeds can grow leaving you with more work to do to keep the driveway in good condition.

Overall, we recommend resin bound surfacing because of its many advantages over the traditional block paving and concrete surfacing.

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To get the best out of your driveway, you need the right driveway installers to handle your project. At Yourresindriveway, we have professional driveway installers you can trust who will ensure you get the best for your project be it a driveway, resin patio or pathway.

You can be sure of great workmanship from our skilled installers starting from the ground preparations to the finishing of the project presenting you with an elegant, stunning driveway that not only complements existing structures in your property but also increases the economic value of your property in case you are looking to sell. We provide driveway services at various locations such as Liverpool, Southampton, London, Glasgow, Leeds, Cheshire, Sheffield, Chester and Manchester.

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