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What are the Best Resin Driveway Ideas?

October 18, 2022

One very important property of the resin bound system which gives them a huge advantage over other flooring systems is that with a resin driveway, ideas are unlimited. The only limit is your imagination. There are an endless number of colour combinations, blends and textural shades thanks to the plethora of aggregate stones available from which you can choose from.

With a resin bound system, there is always a design for every home no matter the style or type of existing architecture. You would always find what will suit your style. You can even incorporate logos, family crests, motifs and lots more to create a unique, personalized, custom-made driveway or patio for your outdoor space.

Here, you can be sure that our team of Resin Driveway ideas experts would bring something unique, stunning and elegant to your driveway. There are a wide range of colourful resin driveway designs from which you can choose from to bring glamour to your home and even increase the value of your property in case you are looking to sell.

Below are some of our colourful resin driveway ideas which will enable you to see what we can do to transform your property.

Colourful Resin Driveway Ideas

Here at Yourresindriveway, we have different shades of designs which can transform your exterior, bring the upgrade you desire and add elegance, class and beauty to your home.

  • Our Ireland green is a blend of beige and green and is a perfect replacement for traditional paving. This is because the green aggregate stones it contains makes it blend well with grassy landscape areas.
  • Our Amalfi is a combination of shiny yellow stones that brings radiance to your property.
  • Our Oyster Pearl is a blend of silver and cream stones giving it an alluring pearl color. Oyster Pearl is one of the most in demand of resin bound gravels.
  • Our Olympus comprises beautifully blended pigments of gold and grey to create a jewel effect. It is recommended for bound driveways in the coastal regions.
  • Our Marble Crema of Spanish origin consists of even creamy sand stones which gives a very smooth and even marble appearance to your driveway.
  • The Summer Beach gravel comprises mellow gold and beige gravels which gives it a summery visual and is ideal for creating a bright coloured resin driveway.
  • We also have our very popular spring haze which is a mixture of golden, red, brown and polenta white gravel. It is an ideal hard landscaping material for a resin driveway.
  • Our silver coloured Titanium gives off a modern and luster feel due to its homogenous blend.
  • The mixture of angular sand blend with flecks of silver makes the Sahara stone a great choice for resin drives as it brightens up the property.
  • The Transcendence is a beautiful blend of red and golden resin bound aggregates which gives a warm feel and is a great choice for residential and commercial homeowners. For contrast, it can be combined with red or beige coloured resin bound aggregates.
  • Our Roman Bronze- a stunning blend of gold and tan aggregates is ideal for both traditional and contemporary properties.

Monochromatic Resin Driveway Designs

Monochrome resin drives bring more uniqueness than conventional tarmac. Here are some of the options you can have;

  • The Grey Slate: This beautiful grey coloured gravel composed of silver stones scattered evenly through the aggregates offers the misty slate look- hence its name. It is a perfect choice for driveways, paths and patio if you are a fan of classic and cool colour options.
  • The Jet Black: This is an ideal black porous driveway substitute to tarmac. It provides perfect contrast to planting areas making the flowers and other garden features conspicuous by providing a dark background. For a sleeker and more modern look, it can be combined with slate grey and titanium borders.
  • The Starlight: This unique blend of jet black and silver flecks creates a sparkling effect on any resin bound driveway.
  • The Platinum: Our dark coloured platinum gravel has this superfluous shine making it very conspicuous and easily compliments dark resin bound aggregate colours for borders.

If you are a lover of all things classic and cool, a monochrome resin driveway design is just right for you, it increases the visual appeal of your home. To get the best out of your driveway, it is recommended that the it is installed with a combination of 2-5 mm stones and 1-3 mm or 2-3 mm stones; this allows for the strongest possible bond.

Radiant, Colourful Resin Driveway Ideas

  • The cappuccino consists of some very fine French stone aggregates. It is an excellent blend of neutral sandstone with a timeless mixture of velvety browns, cream pebbles, understated green hints and streaks of white. It can be combined with the Marble Crema to create a stunning design.
  • The Olympus which is a beautiful blend of gold and grey pigments creates a jewel effect on the driveway.
  • Another choice is the Transcendence- a blend of red and golden aggregates which create a warm feel. It is an excellent choice for residential and commercial homeowners.
  • The Spring Haze consisting of golden, red, brown and polenta white gravels is a very popular stone and is also an ideal hard landscaping material for a resin driveway, patio or pathway.
  • There is the Meadow- a mix of yellow, golden and sandy coloured resin gravel, presenting an elegant and aesthetic material for a resin drive.
  • The Farmhouse Gold is a beautiful blend of Irish and German stone giving the driveway that golden-brown appearance.
  • The Rosso Luna is a naturally deep and burnished red gravel which comes off as a strong and energetic colour giving your driveway a definitive look and texture.
  • Merit is a unique mix of red and silver bound mix giving an alluring feel for your driveway.
  • The deep coloured resin mix of Dorset Cove will add warmth to any property or landscape.
Contemporary Resin Driveway Ideas

Although the traditional driveway is a straight, square shape, there are a number of alternatives you can consider and explore other designs to maximize the space available.

For example, you adding some decadent gold through the centre of a stark black resin driveway adds class to your home.

Also, you can explore a blend of red pebbles against clean white resin stones to delineate between parts of your home such as water features, grassy areas, to make your home the envy of your neighbourhood.

With a resin bound system, the creative limitations of concrete, block paving and tarmac is broken. There is so much that can be done or created on a resin driveway.

Reach Resin Driveway Design Experts

Yourresindriveway is a trusted name in resin bound systems and has extensive experience in applying modern technologies to bring creative, stunning and unique resin driveway design ideas to your home.

Our Resin driveways Manchester office is open to serve clients within the area. You can also give us a call wherever you are in the UK to reach out to the nearest office to your location.

Our driveways are weather-proof, durable and SUDS compliant. They have been proven to stand the test of time as they will remain in perfect condition for decades.

Our team of design experts are always ready to give you professional advice and guide you from the initial consultation session through the design and installation process to give you a finish that will beat your imaginations.

For the best resin driveway cost in the UK, you can reach out to us for a free quote.

Contact us for your resin patios, pathways, driveways, both for private and commercial homes, golf courses and play areas. We got you covered.

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