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The Benefits of Installing a Black Resin Driveway in your Home

July 05, 2023

Looking for a very effective and efficient way of transforming your driveway? You may want to consider a black resin driveway. These driveways are not only stylish and classic, but can also instantly reinvigorate your outdoor space. They are eye-catching, provide an elevated sense of sophistication and effortlessly boosts curb appeal. Additionally, they add value to your property and can be used for a variety of purposes and in stunning blends too.

Black resin driveway

Black resin driveways are a good way to transform older driveways, pathways and garden patios made of concrete, tarmac or block paving. They can be used as a single colour aggregate blend for Resin Bound surfacing or it can be mixed with other aggregates to add texture and contrast. Black aggregate stones can also be added to other colours to produce a solid black contrast.

Ideal Black Resin for Your Driveway

If you need a shiny, alluring driveway that stands out, you should try a black resin driveway. It is a super choice for owners who want to create a striking, contemporary design. The bold, dark toned aggregate creates a tarmac-esque look which is easy to clean and wouldn’t make stains visible. It is also a perfect choice not just for a driveway but also for gardens especially if you have children.

Our expert recommendation is that you use this aggregate with a UV stable 7.5kg resin for best results. If you choose to work with us, you would also have a 15-year warranty.

Here are some of the black aggregates you can choose for your driveway;

  • Jet Black: The jet black aggregate stone is charcoal black in colour and has a tarmac-esque finish. It also has a captivating shine and provides excellent contrast to garden or planting areas. The dark look provides a perfect background which will make flowers and other garden features conspicuous.

    Jet Black resin driveway
  • Harlequin: This aggregate stone is stylish with some tones of grey & white making it an exquisite choice for resin bound driveways.

    Harlequin resin driveway
  • Heather: This stone is very versatile and can blend with a variety of colours to create a never ageing classic that fits both traditional and contemporary buildings. It has a mix of dark stones with grey and creamy aggregates which creates a commanding finish.

    Heather resin driveway
  • Onyx: This black aggregate possesses blue flecks and is very stylish adding glamour to any property. It provides a classic design and can be incredibly amazing.

    Onyx resin driveway

Benefits of Installing a Black Resin Driveway in your Home

There are several advantages you get when you install a resin driveway made with black stones. Not only are they UV stable and colour stable, they are cracks and weather resistant and may also be SUDS compliant. They are the perfect aggregate for patios, pathways and driveways. With smooth surfaces and anti-slip properties, they can easily be accessed by ramps used by wheelchairs, buggies, scooters, etc.

Here are other benefits of choosing a black resin driveway over other types;

  • Black is very versatile and so can fit into different houses of different styles. Driveways made with such aggregates make a stunning outdoor space.

  • They also give an amazing contrast. Black resin driveway are useful both in enhancing your brickwork or incorporating paver edging, and may just be what you need to make a bold statement.

  • Black resin driveways also boost your curb appeal and are truly amazing. You can customise your driveway through the addition of a house number, logo, or even a family crest!

  • Black resin driveways made with permeable surfaces are SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) compliant. They are also less likely to crack or swell.

  • Black resin driveways also do not need so much maintenance work to keep them in good condition. Occasional sweeping and or jet washing is all you need.

Do You Need Help With Your Driveway?

If you need a stunning, durable, fully permeable, crack and slip resistant black resin bound driveway, you’re just a call away. We are waiting on the other end of our phone to provide any assistance you may need.

Alternatively, you can request a free quotation, Our installers are industry experts with decades of experience and can draw up a budget for your driveway project. They provide you with the best raw materials that come from different areas around Europe.

And as part of our commitment to long lasting installation, here at YourResinDriveway.com, we offer a 15-year guarantee. Get in touch with us today, let's create magic together!

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